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Employee onboarding

Onboard new employees without missing a thing by following the simplest process that our customers have recommended. Customize the questions and tasks to fit your organization’s process, and make sure the right people and teams are looped in without any extra effort.

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  • What's their legal name?

  • Do they have a preferred name?

  • What's their job title?

  • What location?

  • PC or Mac?

  • What's their start date?

  • Employment status?

  • Anything else?


  • Set up desk

    Assigned to:

    Request assignee

  • Do default build and apps

    Assigned to:

    Team member (IT)

  • Setup cloud applications

    Assigned to:

    Team member (IT)

  • Take new hire to lunch

    Assigned to:

    Requester’s manager

  • Collect employment authorization

    Assigned to:

    Specific user

  • Complete IT training

    Assigned to:

    Team member (IT)

  • Complete IT follow-up training

    Assigned to:

    Team member (IT)

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