Answer 80% of Sales & Ops questions instantly

As front-line teams grow across time zones and locations, resources are often scattered across disparate systems and manual processes start to break. atSpoke surfaces information as needed and escalates more complex requests to the right person. Give your reps the tools they need to have better conversations.

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“Since we launched atSpoke in April 2018, 10,200 requests have come through. With our 84% auto-resolve rate, we did the math — that’s 126 days worth of the team’s time back. We use the extra time to work on more strategic projects and initiatives.”

Tameka Cartwright, Director of Training

Answers on demand 

Today: hundreds of reps ask the same questions and your team can’t keep up in real time.

With atSpoke: Cutting edge AI instantly answers repetitive questions across Slack, email and web — freeing your team to tackle harder problems.

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Bring humans into the loop

Today: Reps are confused when automated answers aren’t sufficiently clear and it’s not easy to get immediate additional help.

With atSpoke: Company knowledge is uniquely integrated with a full-stack ticketing system, and unresolved questions are automatically escalated to the appropriate team. This closed loop ensures knowledge stays up to date and requests are tracked and resolved.

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High velocity, lightweight support

Today: It’s end of quarter and your team is inundated with commission questions coming across email, Slack, and walk-ups. It’s chaotic, opaque, and difficult to collaborate.

With atSpoke: Our intuitive design and world-class Slack integration results in dynamic adoption. Requests made across every channel are consolidated into a simple interface for your team to collaborate.

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