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Slack Hero QuoteWe’ve reduced the manual process of responding to Slack requests by 100%.

Nick Ramirez

Business analyst and Salesforce admin

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Everyone’s already in Slack, why not ticket there too

atSpoke is built from the ground up to work in Slack so you can turn messy support channels into a fast and convenient AI-powered service desk.

It’s never been easier to get help

It's all done in Slack

Users make and edit requests, get updates and reply using threads, and get easy, automated forms to add information—all within Slack.

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No “filing” tickets

Filing a request is not like filing at all. Send a direct message (DM) to the atSpoke bot or @mention the atSpoke bot in a channel to make a request.

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“The ease of use and the Slack integration that you’ve created has helped atSpoke become 
second nature. It’s just become second nature that if something goes wrong, I atSpoke.”

Mike Urban, Head of Product Delivery

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AI makes it instant

Answer 40% of all questions instantly in Slack, whether it be instructions, a link to your HRIS, or a PDF, the right content is surfaced from across your knowledge resources.

When employees need more than a quick answer, atSpoke automatically creates a ticket, labels the type, files it under the right team, and assigns it to the right person.

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Let us help you help them

Eliminate ticketing chaos and manual work, and
get more done where you’re already working.

Every chat is a ticket

Turn your Slack support channel into a service desk. Turn existing messages into tickets in just two clicks with app actions.

Resolve it in Slack

Make it pending, flag tasks as done, or mark it resolved, all in Slack, and get more done where you already are.

Trigger cross-tool actions

Move faster through requests that need your help by triggering actions in other tools within atSpoke tickets.

“I did a 15-minute presentation in an all-hands meeting and showed them what you could do in Slack 
to get immediate answers. That was the epiphany moment. It kind of wowed everyone. After that, I sent everyone invites and got 95% of people signed up immediately.”

Ryan Donnon, Director of IT

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