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Fast machine learning for knowledge and service requests

Whether it’s employee self-help or agents working through cross-department tickets, our machine learning automates the simple and helps agents move faster through the complex.

Metrics no one can beat

Ready-to-go NLU with the largest workplace request database

Out of the box, our natural language understanding models are pre-trained to understand intent without prior context. With tens of millions of annotated workplace tickets across functions beyond IT, like HR and CS, we have one of the largest workplace-smart machine learning databases in the world.

IT team
HR team
CS team

Automate both knowledge AND service requests

atSpoke automates knowledge AND service requests. Whether it’s auto-responding to a repetitive knowledge request, or triaging requests to the right team or individual and kicking off an automated workflow, atSpoke adds value to every type of ticket.

Personalized responses for every employee

atSpoke continuously adapts by combining generalized system wide learnings with unique company-specific knowledge, workflows, and data. This is further refined with employee profile information to provide personalized responses to each requester.

You achieve AI goals in days, not months

By uniquely combining machine learning with an innovative ticketing system, everything you do in atSpoke makes it smarter immediately. That’s why our customers achieve their machine learning goals in days, not months.

Enterprise grade privacy and security

We’re committed to delivering forward-thinking technology while honoring the responsibility to safeguard customer data. We’ve taken a multi-tiered security and compliance approach to maintain that standard through secure development practices combined with a number of third-party assessments.

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