atSpoke has been acquired by Okta!
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Machine learning made easy

Our machine learning platform automates the easy stuff, freeing up your agents to take on the complex requests that require a human touch.

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Automatically resolve requests

Our natural language understanding models are pre-trained to understand both your knowledge AND service requests. atSpoke auto-resolves requests by either finding you the right answer instantly or by kicking off an automated workflow if needed.

Instant routing, easy resolution

atSpoke takes the chaos and confusion out of ticketing by instantly routing your requests to the right team. Ticket times go down and productivity skyrockets.

Personalized responses for every employee

atSpoke continuously adapts to your company's specific knowledge, workflows, and data. Each employee's profile information is used to provide personalized responses to the specific requester.

Easy employee self-service

Employees can quickly and easily handle all the little tasks that usually have to go through IT. That means they can unlock accounts, reset passwords and 2-factor tokens – all by themselves.

Knowledge is power

Our in-app action and knowledge recommendations help your agents level-up their resolution game and cut ticket times in half

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