How ThoughtSpot increased their onboarding efficiency with AI


Deflection rate


Agent auto-triage


Auto-triage accuracy

6 hr

Median response time

16 hr

Median resolution time


460 Employees


Sunnyvale, CA






Marketing Operations



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ThoughtSpot’s marketing operations team needed a way to efficiently ramp up new employees to their business processes. With atSpoke’s fluid and fast experience through Slack, new employees quickly adopted atSpoke for all their questions because they were able to get the right answer immediately. “We’ve reduced the manual process of responding to {Slack requests} by 100%” Nick Ramirez, Business analyst and Salesforce admin, shared. ThoughtSpot’s marketing operations team delivers fast onboarding help to every new employee with atSpoke, and gets more time back to focus on their priority projects.

For requests that need a human response, atSpoke uses machine learning to automatically categorize the request and assign it to the right team member, eliminating time wasted trying to get requests to the person. “atSpoke triages 92% of tickets to the proper team, reducing the manual work of organizing requests and giving the team time back in their day to focus on bigger projects,” Nick added. And with a real-time sync between askSpoke and Slack, requests are automatically tracked and turned into tickets, so both the requester and the entire marketing operations team have visibility of who’s responsible. “atSpoke surfaces the correct request type to users 91% of the time, which means agents can reduce the back and forth conversation to resolve tickets faster,” Nick shared. With atSpoke, ThoughtSpot’s onboarding process is seamless for new employees and increases the marketing operations team’s productivity with more efficient internal support.

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