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Root Insurance is the nation’s first licensed insurance carrier powered entirely by a mobile app. Founded on the belief that the services you need for everyday life should serve you better, they design insurance coverages specifically around their customers needs.

As the company grew with offices nationwide, it became increasingly difficult to handle requests coming through Slack and in-person. Because employees found it convenient to make requests via Slack, the IT team created a Slack channel so requests weren’t buried in separate conversations.

However as volume increased, requests were easily lost and there was no way to prioritize them, creating a delayed experience for employees who needed fast help to get their work done. This also created more manual work for the IT team because they had to search through messages just to confirm status and to determine which requests were already resolved.

Root needed a service desk that let employees make requests in Slack while empowering IT to track and manage those requests without manual work. They needed a solution that could scale to handle their increasing ticket volume and help the IT team deliver better internal support without distracting them from important projects. They also wanted to understand what were the most common issues to proactively make process improvements. In short, Root needed to create a better service desk experience for IT and their hundreds of employees.

That’s when they found atSpoke.

No more ad-hoc requests

After implementing atSpoke, users continued making requests in Slack and now these requests were automatically turned into tickets. IT stopped wasting time trying to sort through or track them manually. “Our teams are getting almost no ad hoc requests! About 90% of all requests come through atSpoke, dramatically reducing agent time wasted on fielding requests or manually creating tickets” said Joey Douthwaithe, Employee Technology Manager at Root.

With a distributed nationwide workforce, requests were also received outside of normal business hours. With atSpoke, IT no longer needed to search through direct messages or channels to know who was responsible. Everyone in IT had instant visibility of who was assigned to the ticket and what was the status. “atSpoke automatically triages 96% of service tickets to the right team while giving the user visibility who will be helping them, without any manual work by the agent,” Joey explained. atSpoke’s modern service desk significantly reduced time wasted because of manual search and tasks, giving Root’s IT team time back for bigger projects.

Surfacing workplace trends helped IT improve internal operations

When requests came via direct messages or through the Slack IT channel, there was no visibility into the most common questions or gaps in their knowledge base. Since there was no prioritization or a way to get additional details without responding to employees, all requests were treated with the same urgency. Without knowing priority or the details they needed to take action, IT was stuck reacting to every request and not able to provide the right level of support to urgent needs. “We were tired of being reactionary and wanted more space to be proactive,” Joey shared.

First, atSpoke’s rapid machine learning surfaced the correct answers with no human intervention. Joey revealed “AskSpoke auto-resolves about 30% of incoming Slack requests, allowing our users to self-serve and get what they need immediately while reducing interruptions for agents.” For the remaining 70% of tickets, the Root team used request types.

With atSpoke’s request types, the IT team was able to understand the types of issues users were experiencing without having to manually sort through requests. Because request types in atSpoke use machine learning to automatically classify every request, IT was able to see that 60% of incoming tickets were software provisioning related. This information helped Joey support his request for hiring a Identity Management Specialist. In addition, when working with their HR team he noticed that the default software and hardware offerings for new hires changed as the team grew larger. Pointing at the request types data, he was able to show the need to adjust the onboarding process to improve the new hire experience.

Joey also used tags to get more details about ticket trends. “Tags help us see the different priority levels. Requesting a monitor will get a very different response than the CEO’s Zoom link isn’t working.” Tags moved requests down the proper decision tree and reduced resolution time.

atSpoke is integral to Roots service desk operations

As the team became more efficient, IT had more time to manage their 200 different SaaS tools. “We went from no metrics to surfacing our median first response time of just 9.2 minutes and resolution time of less than an hour across six teams and even complex service tickets.” They used their newfound time to better understand their needs and were able to reduce recurring operating expenses with more information contract negotiations. atSpoke has become an integral part of Root’s service desk operations. Joey says “atSpoke is built into the core internal operations of Root at this point!” and helps their five person IT team deliver the best internal support for hundreds of employees across multiple locations.


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