How atSpoke provided an improved user experience at Pantheon

Pantheon stands out as one of the top platforms used by developers to build, host, and manage their websites. Major players such as eBay, Cisco, and the United Nations rely on Pantheon’s outstanding uptime, professional development tools, and expert customer support. In fact, the Bay Area company hosts over 200,000 websites, with over ten billion individual pages.

To meet the demands of such a massive customer base, Pantheon has a growing team in San Francisco and elsewhere. And for internal support, those Pantheon employees all rely on IT Manager Steven Juanes.

The Challenge

In order to handle the growing needs of Pantheon’s employees, Steven attempted to use an IT ticketing system, Freshservice, to manage requests. The problem? Freshservice only made the ticketing experience more difficult. The bloated platform had unnecessary features, required significant manual activity, and the knowledge base was a pain to maintain.

Employees didn’t care for using Freshservice, either. Adopting the new platform was too tedious and time-consuming. Instead, employees continued to email requests to Steven directly, further adding to his workload.

Looking to automate his routine tasks and improve the end user experience, Steven found the solution in atSpoke. atSpoke’s AI-powered self-service and simplified ticketing would be a tremendous help for all of Pantheon’s employees, especially Steven.

“I thought the AI aspect of atSpoke was really interesting. I signed up for the demo and immediately saw the potential. The rest is history!”

Improving the ticketing process and getting more time to work on big projects

Steven was especially interested in atSpoke’s ability to instantly solve requests without any human intervention. With Freshservice, Steven had to answer an endless number of simple questions that interrupted his day. “I pivoted to atSpoke because the AI, in a sense, was like adding another body to the IT team,” Steven explains. Now, Pantheon employees could ask for a wifi password or login instructions and get an immediate response from atSpoke.

Spoke’s simple interface made the ticketing process easier as well. Rather than logging into Freshservice’s support system, Pantheon employees could continue to do what they had always done: email IT support. But instead of clogging Steven’s inbox, atSpoke would automatically log and route those tickets to Steven in atSpoke’s web app.

“A ticket that can be replied to either by email or in the portal was really important, because our users were used to replying by email. I didn’t have to change my support email address to get going. The Slack integration is a nice addition, too,” Steven continues.

Now that employees are relying on atSpoke’s self-service for simple questions, Steven has seen a dramatic reduction in his day to day interruptions. He estimates that he saves an hour and a half per week, thanks to atSpoke’s ability to auto-resolve employee tickets.  “It’s given me a lot of time back to be able to take on bigger projects,” Steven says.

The process for handling service requests has become a lot more lightweight, thanks to atSpoke’s simple workflows. Powered by machine-learning, atSpoke learns to categorize and route requests, getting smarter with every interaction. “It’s a lot faster than it was with Freshservice,” he adds.

“It was the simplest way of creating an IT Help Desk that I could possibly have thought of.”

Enthusiastically adopting atSpoke across the entire company

Spoke’s automatic ticket response, simple interface, and multi-channel support made adoption a cinch for the team at Pantheon. “If anything, our help desk got more usage in the beginning of adopting atSpoke. They know atSpoke is the way to get help,” Steven says.

The incredible success with IT ticketing inspired other teams in the company to adopt atSpoke for managing requests, giving employees a one-stop shop for support. With atSpoke’s Team feature, it was simple for Pantheon departments to set up their own ticketing workflow and connect to the rest of the company.

“We were able to bring in our office operations and HR staff on atSpoke. Questions that would come into the IT Help Desk that weren’t related to IT don’t get lost in translation. I don’t have to forward a ticket or create another thread. It was really nice to be able to put everything under one roof,” Steven says.

Pantheon teams also enjoy the benefits of a knowledge base that’s flexible and easy to maintain. And in addition to knowledge base articles, atSpoke could provide important links and external documents in Confluence, Google Docs, and other portals. “Having a place to go and pull answers from is really key in speeding up the support path,” Steven shares.

“Simply put, atSpoke offers a better user experience.”

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