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Mapbox deflects 42% of tickets using atSpoke

Mapbox is the leading location data platform providing maps, turn-by-turn navigation, location search, and data to over 1.7M registered developers. Their tools power companies like Facebook, IBM, Instacart, Lonely Planet, Snapchat, Tableau, The Weather Channel, and Yahoo! JAPAN. Mapbox is built on a living map that learns from activity to make improvements over time, so developers building with Mapbox tools have access to the most up to date geospatial information anywhere in the world.

Lost in fragmentation and ad-hoc requests

As a rapidly growing company with offices on four continents and the need to support employees distributed all over the globe, Mapbox started looking at ticketing solutions because they didn’t have a help desk for any internal support team. IT, HR and Facilities were managing requests in ad-hoc, fragmented ways. IT was managing requests via Github repos where people posted issues or via Slack direct messages. The HR team was manually handling repetitive processes like onboarding large groups of new hires and recruiting dozens of candidates. And users found the internal processes for simple requests to be more complex than needed.

Mapbox moves fast, and with teams shifting and new products emerging all the time, employees could not track what department was responsible for administering what service. Forgetting which GitHub repo to file an issue in would cause the motion to grind to a halt. It was a process so unfamiliar and confusing to most users that they either didn’t try or chose to ask for forgiveness instead of permission. In short, Mapbox needed one help desk solution for all internal support teams that employees across the organization would actually use.

Navigating the options to find the one help desk

During their search for a ticketing system, the IT team spent a lot of time examining other tools. They found that most ticketing systems were either built for external customer support vs. internal use, or too heavily focused on just IT and Dev Ops. These tools had a long list of features but lacked accessibility, and were not designed to seamlessly fit how employees work.  

The Mapbox IT team wanted a solution that could work for all internal support teams, with the flexibility to work with each team’s own tools and processes. “It’s really easy to roll out atSpoke to other teams so that anyone can provide support to their internal customers without the headaches of a long training or building out complicated workflows, and without the hidden cost of expensive Agent or Administrator licenses,” says Brian Chui, Head of Information Technology. With one unified ticketing system, the IT team reduces both the resolution time for their team’s tickets and the set up time for adding new atSpoke teams.

The solution that mapped to their needs

When evaluating atSpoke, the Mapbox IT team was impressed with the robust ticketing capabilities behind the colleague-friendly accessibility and usability.  “It’s amazing for me to see knowledge base articles getting added everyday, written by our IT, HR, Facilities, and Security teams. There are teams in atSpoke that we were surprised to see, connecting with their internal customers and putting the answers right at their fingertips” Brian said. 

“It’s really easy to roll it out to other teams so that anyone can provide support to their internal customers without the headaches of a long training or building out complicated workflows, and without the hidden cost of expensive Agent or Administrator licenses”

atSpoke allows the IT team to keep a familiar process for their colleagues, which aligns closely with the team’s service-centric culture. That’s why atSpoke’s robust Slack integration has been so valuable to Mapbox. Using atSpoke requires no habit change for the end-user; now they can ask for anything they need using the atSpoke app in Slack or turn DMs and channel messages into atSpoke tickets. Slack was, and continues to be, the primary way employees at Mapbox use to get help, with 73% of atSpoke tickets sent via Slack. 

Right off the bat, atSpoke’s AI deflects 42% of Mapbox’s tickets, helping colleagues get their answer immediately and automatically. If the ticket needs to go to a person, atSpoke’s AI is able to route the request to the appropriate team using Natural Language Processing to decipher the message and decide whether it belongs to the IT, HR, Security, Facilities teams or somewhere else. 95% of Mapbox’s requests today are automatically routed to the right team, even with 16 different teams using atSpoke as their help desk solution.

atSpoke also compliments the IT leadership team’s desire to focus their team’s time on the higher priority projects with the request type feature. Almost 40% of Mapbox’s requests are automatically categorized, which means that atSpoke was able to auto-assign sub tasks, automatically add due dates, and inform other involved teams without needing any manual intervention. 

atSpoke fit the technical and accessibility requirements of the internal support teams and of the employees for a centralized help desk solution to be successful. Mapbox’s IT leadership team is better able to deliver the type of work experience they want for their team members. With atSpoke, the Mapbox IT team found one help desk solution that maps to the needs of every employee.

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