How Best Egg improved their help desk support with atSpoke

Marlette Funding has been a major technology player in the personal loan market for the past 5 years. The company developed an online lending platform for Best Egg personal loans, to help people consolidate and get out of debt, or finance large purchases. This rapidly scaling company is supported by a help desk team of 4.

The Challenge

Marlette’s help desk was trying to use FreshService to handle high volumes of requests across multiple internal teams. Despite months of working on automation, and repeated attempts at decreasing resolution times, it wasn’t fitting with Marlette’s help desk. The interface was complex, and ended up being a burden on end users.

The biggest pain for the company was the impact on the help desk, as employees bypassed the previous process.  The help desk team was fielding questions from every angle. They had users emailing them directly, walking up to desks for “quick questions,” or stopping them during lunch. Walk-ups became 15 minute interruptions and more annoyingly, the answer could often be found in the knowledge base. However, employees would rather tap a shoulder then navigate the current process. Hoping to increase collaboration between the help desk team and the rest of Marlette Funding, Mike found his solution in atSpoke.

Gaining faith in the help desk

In September 2018, Marlette sent out a company–wide survey asking how the help desk team was performing. From the survey, several themes emerged. End users felt response times were slow, and they weren’t sure if the request was received. Let alone being worked on.

“We love that atSpoke is a cultural fit for us. It builds an environment where it’s quick and easy to get responses back to the requester. The Knowledge Base was icing on the cake. atSpoke made it super easy to get up and going. The team immediately loved it. The organization loved it.”

While using atSpoke, end users can see the request be routed to the correct team, and an expert assigned to the request. This helps users understand that the team is working on it. End users receive notifications for each update on the request, whether that is a change in team or a change in expert.  With more users making requests in atSpoke, the Help desk team was able to organize and triage requests quickly. And because adding knowledge is so simple, Marlette maintains a custom knowledge base, based on the questions they answer most frequently.

“The ease of use and the Slack integration that you’ve created has helped atSpoke become second nature. I know that’s strong to say in February, about a product that was rolled out in November. But it’s been adopted almost as much as Slack. It’s just become second nature that if something goes wrong, I atSpoke.”

atSpoke’s Knowledge Base is friendly for users too; allowing people to ask for information on Slack, or search the knowledge base. When usage is this simple, more users find knowledge on their own. Coupled with the AI power of atSpoke, Marlette has seen a dramatic decrease in requests.

When launching atSpoke, Marlette rebranded the help desk to “The Desk Egg Squad” and started an “Urgent Care” to assist with issues that needed immediate response. Users could file a request in atSpoke, and wait outside the help desk offices for help. After a few minutes, a member of the help desk team would come out to the waiting area and solve the issue. This helped to build faith in the team, and reinforce that end users should just atSpoke!

With users creating requests and usage of the tool at an all time high, the Marlette team turned their attention to building a knowledge base.  

“We make a conscious effort to use the knowledge base, because we see the results. We knew this would be critical. We’re a startup, so we’re still relatively small. We don’t want to continue to throw bodies at these type of requests. So we made a concerted effort to put the recurring requests that we were getting, into the knowledge base.”

Today, Marlette has multiple teams using atSpoke, and autoresolves 40% of requests that come in. Best of all, 67% of surveyed users said they saw a major improvement in help desk response since switching to atSpoke.

“It’s just a breath of fresh air for smaller companies who still interact face to face and want to have a more collaborative request process.”

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