15 game-changing Slack bots for office productivity

We’ve mined through Slack’s App Directory to bring you the top Slack productivity bots to help you win back your time and achieve your best work, no matter what the day throws at you.

Caviar Food Bot

The way to a team’s heart is…you guessed it.

Lunch is a small thing that can have a BIG impact on employee happiness, and with a smart Slack bot like Caviar, there’s no need to leave your desk to collect orders.

Caviar automatically collects and places lunch orders at the best restaurants in your city, and has your food delivered straight to your office door. You can even automate standing orders and make food appear at your office like magic (#wednesdaysouvla #yum). Caviar even keeps you updated on the progress of your order in real time, so you never have to worry about apologizing to a horde of hangry coworkers.

Unfortunately, the Caviar bot is only available in these cities: Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Main Line, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Portland, Queens, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington DC.

If you’re not based in one of these cities, never fear! Read on for our next best lunch bot recommendation.


Music, art, food—some things are extremely subjective.

Lunchbot lets you perform Yelp searches from right within Slack so you can make a data-driven decision about your best eating options.

And no more awkward Instagram DM-ing just to place an order at your local bagel spot (WHY don’t more places add their contact info their profiles?!). Lunchbot only returns restaurants with an Eat24 portal so you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to order your lunch online.

To get started, just invite Lunchbot to any Slack channel and say ‘help’ to see a list of commands.


Let’s face it: Old habits die hard.

If the above two apps are a little too outside the box for your crew, take a baby step toward modern lunching with the Lunchorder Slack app. This bot gives you easy slash commands and buttons to merge all your team’s orders into one simple list.

All you have to do is execute the start command and set a deadline, and the app will automatically message everyone in your channel asking for their lunch orders. As the order taker, you’ll be updated as orders come in. Lunchorder also remembers past orders and serves them up as suggestions next time around to help busy employees make a quick decision and get your order in faster.


All too often, office managers are left filling the unofficial role of Chief Question Answerer.

With atSpoke, you can finally put an end to the constant interruptions while still giving employees the answers they need, whenever they ask.

Employees can ask the atSpoke bot any question, whether it’s a request for a coffee restock or inquiry about vacation policy. The friendly, AI-powered atSpoke bot automatically provides  the most relevant answer right within Slack. And when atSpoke doesn’t (yet!) know the right answer, it intelligently forwards the question or request to the right team in the org, which means no having to forward requests that somehow end up on your desk.

And because atSpoke uses AI, it gets smarter with every request, saving you loads of time (and sanity) down the road.


Want to hit two birds with one Slack bot?

Why not have Donut schedule some employee engagement breaks?

Though it may not always feel like it, various perspectives in the office is a good thing. Encouraging collaboration between different teams is a great way to build camaraderie and, who knows? You could even spark some fresh ideas that help boost the bottom line. Donut automatically matches employees from different departments, or even offices, to meet up and get to know each other over an in-person or virtual coffee date (donut optional, but obviously recommended). The bot even prompts employees to keep the fun going by sharing a coffee-toasting selfie with their teams.

The Donut bot is a great way to improve (and automate!) employee engagement, and one that doesn’t require a giant budget for team outings or fancy gourmet snacks.


Remembering tens or hundreds of birthdays is no easy task.

BirthdayBot is a great way to make sure you never miss a special day.

The Slack bot collects every team member’s birthday automatically (hurray, no more soulless forms!) and compiles it into a master list. The bot will then give you and your team a gentle head’s up a few days in advance, and lets you customize an automated birthday wish using an awesome selection of images and GIFs (say goodbye to birthday card writer’s block!).

Over 8,000 companies already use BirthdayBot to make birthdays at the office feel more like a celebration (and less like a to-do).

Leo (Officevibe Bot)

Leo is a bot with a super cool background story.

The Officvibe team was on a work trip to Barcelona where they witnessed soccer legend Lionel Messi (A.K.A. “Leo”) in action. They loved that Messi was not only known as the best player, but also the one with the most “calm, humility, and team spirit.” So they set out to create a Slack bot that would bring a star player vibe to offices big and small.

With Leo, you can ask your team simple questions about their level of satisfaction at work, collect the feedback anonymously, and post it in a private channel for managers. You can also encourage better relationships between team members by sharing praise and fun activities, all from within Slack.

Leo is the front end app to Officevibe’s employee engagement platform, but you can access many of the features without a paid Officevibe account. They offer a 14-day free trial and after that the cost is $4 per month, per employee for access to the manager reports.


We all have that one forgetful executive who just can’t seem to save their T&E receipts, let alone find time to fill in their expense reports.

Xpenditure is here to help.

This bot lets your employees capture and record expenses, and even automate the approval process, all from within Slack. There are a ton of other tools for this, but with 4.55/5 rating (based on 145 reviews) on GetApp, Xpenditure seems to be not only the most popular, but also the most reliable tool.

The Xpenditure Slack bot is great for small offices, even those with remote and traveling teams. One user even reported time and paperwork savings of up to 75%. One common complaint however, is that the system gets bogged down with too many entries. So if you’re playing catch up, you might want to enter the expenses in batches to avoid system overload.


No one likes chasing timesheets. And come to think of it, no one likes submitting them either.

This uber efficient Slack bot takes care of both issues by merging attendance management and time tracking into one awesome app.

All you have to do is DM @attendancebot with your request for time off, or a simple ‘in’ and ‘out’ message to log your hours. AttendanceBot is also available on mobile, so it’s perfect for small businesses with remote workers, or team members who are out in the field all day.

The bot records time worked and time off, and even submits requests for approval straight to the relevant manager. You can upload all your local holidays and integrate the bot with your Outlook, Google or Apple calendar. Later, you can extract the reports for easy and accurate attendance reporting—no Xcel wrangling required.

If you’re a fan of Tsheets but haven’t found time to get it integrated with Slack, this could save you a big step (and a TON of time!). The cost is $29 per month after a 14-day free trial.


There’s no shortage of attendance and time management apps out there—but not all of them were built with excellent user-friendly design, just for SMBs.

That’s why we (and over 100 happy reviewers on GetApp) love Calamari.

The standalone app is rated 4.76/5 with 106 reviews, and though some reviewers suggest a need for more flexible reporting options, the vast majority love the app for its superior design and ease of use for small teams.

Calamari’s Slack integration brings you all of its key features, including Slack notifications instead of emails, and the ability to approve and manage absences from within Slack. Most of the reporting still happens within Calamari and after a 14-day free trial, you’ll want to choose the right pricing based on your size and feature preferences.

If you’re looking for gorgeous HR software perfect for all kinds of users within a small company, this is the one for you. On the other hand, if you just want to cover the most common attendance and reporting requests, AttendanceBot’s got you covered.


From Keurig to Bevi, everyone’s looking for smarter ways to make the office kitchen less wasteful and more convenient. But what if you could do that from right within Slack with zero additional equipment?

Crema is a smart coffee subscription that uses a Slack bot to serve up three gourmet coffee options to your teams, and asks them vote on the ones they’d most like to try. You decide when orders are placed and delivered (from once a month to once a week) and track the status of your orders directly from Slack. Each coffee is roasted-to-order and delivered straight to the office. The cost is $100 for a 5lb bag, with no additional cost for shipping.

All the coffee is artisanal and every suggested blend is based on your employees’ feedback on the last batch. Now you can please even the most discerning of coffee connoisseurs.

Bonus Bot: WhoMadeCoffee

Psst, once you’ve got your coffee supply on lock, it’s time to start acknowledging the people who always keep it brewed (and encourage those who don’t to get in the game!). WhoMadeCoffee is the Slack bot that gamifies kitchen activities to make employees want to make the most of your shared space. You can set up monthly contests and even set custom activities for users to complete for points. (Could this be the answer for a dish-free sink? One can dream.)


Unfortunately, we all experience times when morale is just low.

Scorebot is an easy way to encourage positive communication and create a fun office vibe by assigning point scores to updates, announcements, photos, or GIFs shared in Slack.

Even during times when everyone is snowed under, Scorebot can be a quick and easy way to encourage employees to show a little love without ever having to leave their desks. An employee simply shares a win or update and other team members can respond with a quick upvote, downvote, or emoji. Employees with the best feedback get a spot on the leaderboard to encourage a little healthy competition. Scorebot can even be used to help you plan events you know your teams will love. Not sure about those snacks for the Halloween party? Add a photo and ask teams to score. Highest score wins. (Sorry, candy corn.)

Meeting Bot

Managing one exec’s schedule is challenging enough, but arranging meetings with multiple managers can feeling like solving a Rubik’s cube. Enter, Meeting Bot.

This Slack app lets you access your team’s’ calendar availability, find the right meeting room, and book the meeting, all from within Slack. You can even anonymously remind people when they’re late.


No more back and forth with finance.

Cently lets you skip the checkout process at thousands of e-commerce stores and even finds coupons for you. All you have to do is paste the url to the item you want, tell Cently how many you want, and what card to use. The Cently bot automatically finds and applies coupons and discounts from around the web, saving you a ton of cash with zero effort.

The only downside is that the automated purchasing feature is only available in the US.


New employees who attend a structured onboarding program are 69% more likely to remain at the company for up to three years.

The Aloha bot helps boost employee retention rates and take the headache and accelerate the onboarding process by sending a series of automated messages to new team members. You can use Aloha to welcome new employees, prompt them to introduce themselves to the rest of the team, and give them key tips like which channels to use. You can customize and schedule as many messages as you need, to pre-empt common questions and make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

This onboarding bot is ideal for the ultra busy admin who cares about making a great first impression with new hires but doesn’t have time to set up multiple meetings or sit down for a side-by-side walkthrough.

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