If you’re thinking about using Slack as a help desk, you need atSpoke

If your company uses Slack for most of its internal communications, switching to a separate ticketing system to raise a request with your help desk is cumbersome. Even if your internal support teams don’t mind switching back and forth, the people they support probably do.

There’s an easier way. Using Slack as a help desk—with atSpoke’s help—lets your coworkers raise support tickets without ever leaving their preferred communication tool. atSpoke removes the overhead of managing two separate systems, lets you build a searchable knowledge base, and even answers questions for you automatically.

Here are some of the benefits of Slack + atSpoke, plus everything you need to know to set it up.

The benefits of using Slack as a help desk

Traditional ticketing systems create a lot of overhead. When people need support, it’s a multi-step process: figure out which team to reach out to, determine how that team accepts tickets, fill out a complicated form, and then wait around for follow-up notifications.

The process is time-consuming, confusing, and overly complicated for everyone involved. 

A Slack help desk is simpler. It lets employees raise tickets for any team at your company—all in the system everyone already uses to collaborate. There’s no asking around to determine what system to use, and no need to use multiple systems (or create multiple logins) to request help.

But on its own, Slack doesn’t really have the features you need to run an effective help desk. Its real-time messaging approach makes it easy for requests to get lost and/or buried. Plus, there’s an expectation in Slack that people will respond immediately, which doesn’t work for support teams who are trying to balance lots of different requests, tasks, and priorities. 

To use Slack effectively as a help desk, you need one of three things: 

  1. a variety of Slack apps that—when combined—provide all of the features you need,
  2. custom code to create your own workflows, or
  3. a tool like atSpoke that does all of the heavy-lifting for you.

atSpoke is a simple and powerful help desk for Slack

Most Slack integrations with major support ticketing systems require users to go through multiple steps to create support tickets in Slack, which discourages adoption. Or they depend on one or more third-party integrations to work, adding to your app proliferation problems.

atSpoke is different. There are no separate workflows, no third-party apps. atSpoke integrates with Slack out of the box, and takes only minutes to set up

And using Slack as a help desk with atSpoke makes it easier for your coworkers to get support, too. To raise a request, they just type their questions or issues into Slack—just like they would communicate with any other employee at the company—and atSpoke creates the ticket. That’s it!

Your coworkers never have to leave Slack to get help from your team.

As Mackenzie Saunders, Training Associate at OppLoans, says: “[atSpoke’s] integration with Slack is huge. That’s our number one means of communication. That literally makes the difference between whether people use it or not.”

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atSpoke + Slack as a help desk

atSpoke is an innovative and integrated ticketing system and knowledge base. It’s designed for internal support teams like IT and HR—any team that spends a lot of time answering coworkers’ questions, solving problems, and fulfilling support requests.

So what can you do when you use atSpoke and Slack together? Let’s take a look: 

“Having everything in a central place through atSpoke makes it easy to see what’s going on. You can just pop in and take a look at the list and see what’s open. You can keep a pulse on it. If there’s a massive problem, you see it a lot sooner.” – Don Pawlowski, UTees

atSpoke lets your coworkers raise tickets in the system they prefer to use for communicating internally. And let’s face it, given Slack’s popularity, people are going to ask for support in Slack whether you’re using it as a help desk or not. atSpoke lets you create a Slack help desk easily—and all without having to adopt any new processes or workflows.

Creating atSpoke tickets outside of Slack

Even if the majority of your internal collaboration happens in Slack, that doesn’t guarantee that it’s every employee’s favorite way to collaborate. Some may find Slack too interruptive, preferring to use email, text messaging, or a more traditional web-based ticketing system.

atSpoke has you covered there as well. Your coworkers can submit requests by email, SMS, or directly in atSpoke’s web app, so there’s no need to talk people into using systems they don’t like.

Slack + atSpoke makes everyone more productive

There are three major impediments to productivity in the modern office: email, meetings, and interruptions. With Slack and atSpoke, you reduce all three.

Employees report receiving an average of 48% fewer emails 24% less meeting invites after adopting Slack. Add atSpoke into the mix, and the third biggest offender—interruptions—drops as well. Our customers report that up to 50% of their requests are solved automatically by atSpoke.

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With a Slack help desk supported by atSpoke, employees reclaim the time they waste on email, in meetings, and answering repetitive questions. In turn, they’re able to shift their time and attention to more important, strategic work—tasks that truly move the needle for your business.

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