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IT remote support: Keep calm and carry on

I’ve supported companies going remote for the first time and teams already pros at it. Here are the things that sometimes slipped through the cracks that I wish I’d never forgotten.

You got the call: you’re working from home. You’ve mashed the Amazon buy button to stock up on hardware, snacks, and hand sanitizer. Now you’re building a support plan to enable your illustrious coworkers in working remotely.

The culture of work is rooted in collaborative practice and with it comes a known suite of tools to help. While the jury is still out on if all these tools will help us work better, faster, IT teams can use their expert knowledge to perfect the socially distanced usability experience.

Getting to the customer experience initiative quickly requires rapid preparation from any IT, workplace technology, or help desk experience team. You may be building as you deploy. So how do you create the policies, process, and service infrastructure your team and employees need and fast?

working remotely

Process implementation at this moment:

If you’re acting fast to implement tools:

If you’ve got this handled, improve what you’ve got:

If you’re a pro at supporting remote work, tszuj it:

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