Congratulations Halp!

The atSpoke team wants to congratulate Halp on their acquisition by Atlassian! As fellow purveyors of service desk software, we’re always thrilled to see investment and innovation in this space.

We’re also excited because this acquisition validates a belief we hold strongly – the need for a revolution in workplace ticketing systems. 

If we look at the last 10 years, how we interact with services in our lives has changed. We want things on-demand and we expect immediate, convenient and personalized service. And that trend has come to the workplace – creating the on-demand workplace. We expect immediate, convenient, personalized tools to do our best work. And you see that manifested in so many of today’s most popular tools- be it Slack, Zoom, Figma, Airtable or Okta. These tools are designed with the end user in mind, and usability is placed at a premium.

BUT internal ticketing systems have not changed. They continue to follow rigid design patterns that are built for and around ticket forms. They optimize for drop down menus, strict rules, SLAs, and metrics. NOT for employees and the way people work.

Today’s businesses need to give employees a premium internal support experience with a ticketing system. An experience they’re already getting from other tools.  That works the way we do, with the tools we love. That’s designed to be used by every team and every user. And purpose built for internal support and delivering the best employee service. 

Atlassian’s purchase of Halp is a strong sign that the previous generation of ticketing systems wants to move to being modern workplace service desks, and that’s good news for internal support teams everywhere! In particular, conversational interfaces are a critical need for the modern workplace. For example, looking at atSpoke’s data, once a company implements atSpoke with Slack, more than 70% of all ticket volume comes from Slack! That’s a huge sign that employees want to interact by chatting with their support teams.

Now that the transformation in ticketing systems has started, let’s not just stop at conversational interfaces! 

The modern workplace service desk also needs to be built for every internal support team in a company. Not just for IT or CS power users. But for teams that are less familiar with ticketing like HR, Facilities, Marketing, Sales Ops, Design and Office Management.

The modern workplace service desk should also automate the repetitive and mundane with machine learning, so that employees and agents get to spend time on more important things. And this isn’t just auto-resolving password reset requests. Machine learning can and should add value for self-service requests AND more complex agent assisted service tickets.

The modern workplace service desk should also integrate with your disparate tool ecosystem. Beyond chat and knowledge base integrations, it should connect to your HR and IT directories, your project management tools, and all the other tools in which you take action when a ticket comes in. Tickets are where your workflows start, and you should be able to complete them in your service desk with integrated task handling across all of your tools.

And after this transformation, everyone gets to spend more time on their most important work. Employees get what they need, when they need it. Internal support teams are on top of their work and tech stack and have more time for the most impactful projects. And the entire organization is happier and more productive!

Congratulations again to Halp and Atlassian, and we’re excited to be a part of the service desk industry transformation!

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