9 fun & useful Easter eggs that make Slack even better

Calling Slack just a messaging application sells it short. Slack has *many* other functions that can enhance your experience, but they’re not always in plain view. In some cases, only people like us who use the application day in and day out even know they exist.

We talked to some fell power users about the most useful and fun Easter eggs Slack has to offer:

1. Customize loading messages

As long as your admins haven’t disabled the function, you can customize your loading messages. Once you’re signed into your workspace, just go here and type in whatever you want your co-workers or employees to see. It’s a great way to motivate the team.

2. Mute channels

Channels that have outlived your need for them can be muted. Simply open the channel, click the “settings” icon to the left of the search bar, and select “Mute #channel.” If you need to bring it back, follow all of the above steps and then select “Unmute #channel.”

3. Format text

Slack allows users to avoid all-caps by formatting words instead. To put a word in bold face, put asterisks around it. To italicize a word, put underscores around it. To indent a line, put a “greater than” sign right before it. There are many more formatting options, but those should get you started.

4. Search with power

Anastasia Iliou, senior content manager for MedicarePlanFinder.com, said that Slack’s search function has a greater reach than that of many other applications.

“It’s easier to look for old messages in Slack than in any other messaging platform,” she said.

The search bar is located at the top right of the Slack window, between the gear icon and the “@” symbol.

5. Edit comments

Slack allows users to go back and correct a comment after hitting “send.” Press the up-arrow on your keyboard and your last message can be modified. To delete the entire thing, hover to its right until five buttons appear. The furthest to the right has three dots that give several menu options when selected, including “Delete message.”  

6. Get reminders

If you don’t already have a program for reminders, Slack will do it. In the message bar, type in the command “/remind,” followed by what you need to be reminded of and when, such as “/remind me in 1 hour to call home.” Slack will notify you at the specified time with an alert.

7. Create your own emojis

Click your name in the top left corner and select the “Customize Slack” menu option. A separate browser window will open, called “Customize Your Workspace.” On that page, select the “Emoji” tab and click the “Add Custom Emoji” button and upload images.

8. Get GIFs

Slack can integrate with other applications and programs, such as Giphy, an online database of animated graphics. When you’ve added it, simply type “/giphy cat” or “/giphy Khaleesi” or similar, and a treasure trove of animated GIFs will be at your disposal.

9. Don’t be disturbed

Type “/dnd” in the message box, followed by a space and the amount of time you need, such as “/dnd 1 hour” and you’ve just given yourself some freedom from messages. Turning on the Do Not Disturb function also means Slack will message anyone who tries to contact you in that time to say that you’re busy.

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