When atSpoke met Jira

Jira Integration

Building seamless workflows and knocking down silos between IT and engineering teams is a difficult nirvana to achieve. IT teams have all had this moment: a new employee joins the company and needs access to a specialized tool. In most cases, IT pings engineering over Slack or email to get sign off. But even with a great planning or escalation process, pivoting between tools and coordinating work across several teams can be challenging, often letting priorities fall to the wayside.

Context switching between atSpoke and other third-party tools means losing valuable time. That’s why we’re so excited about today’s big news: You can now push any atSpoke request to Jira. By pairing a atSpoke request with a Jira issue, users can quickly handoff a request, maintaining context and reducing friction between departments.

Jira Integration

Jira has become a standard for managing comprehensive workflows and large projects in many companies. When teams connect atSpoke and Jira, they can easily collaborate cross-functionally and reduce time to resolution. Once a atSpoke request is created in Jira, we include the link to the Jira issue and lock the atSpoke request for posterity. Most of the information on the atSpoke request is pushed to Jira so team members no longer have to pivot for additional context. Since not all teams need to push requests to Jira, admins have the flexibility to select which teams can create Jira issues when setting up the integration.

Being able to create an issue in Jira directly within atSpoke saves your teams from having to switch between atSpoke and Jira. Teams constantly struggle with knowing what is the source of truth for a particular request created in multiple systems. We’re excited to work with Jira to centralize this information, so team members can stay focused and accelerate internal support.

At atSpoke, we want to give employees access to the knowledge and services that help them get their job done. This is just the beginning of the many integrations and workflows we hope to power at atSpoke this year. We’d love to hear about other tools you’d like to see atSpoke play with, so feel free to submit an idea on our product roadmap or get in touch!

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