The Key to Scaling IT During Hypergrowth? At Root, it’s an Employee-First Approach

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atSpoke powers service desk operations for Root Insurance, where we’ve had the unique opportunity to work with Director of IT Joseph Douthewaite as he’s tackled one herculean effort after another. Among Joseph’s chief achievements: scaling IT to support Root’s hypergrowth from 600 to 1000 employees in six months. Joseph shares his story with atSpoke CEO Jay Srinivasan in the on-demand webinar, “How Root Insurance Uses a Modern Service Desk To Scale IT.

So how did Joseph scale IT and score the success metrics above –– all in six months? It starts with an employee-first approach, according to Joseph. In practice, this means IT is always on the hook to:

  1. Understand the technology needs of each team
  2. Design human-centric workplace tools and systems
  3. Perform due diligence without gating productivity
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As people and organizations change over time, so too must IT. It won’t always be smooth-sailing, but it’s about having the agility to adapt quickly to evolving employee preferences. As Joseph candidly explains, when Root Insurance initially kicked into hypergrowth, IT resources were pretty strained. He looked at tools and channels that employees favored, and established a set of criteria for a modern workplace platform. Watch the webinar to hear Joseph’s prescriptive plan for scaling IT successfully, the lessons he discovered in his efforts to support 1000 employees, and how IT leaders can build a business case for modernizing service desk operations.

Webinar Key Takeaways

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  • Embrace an employee-first approach to IT: essentially, this means building systems and tools adapted to how and where employees work best.
  • Integrate workforce tools for faster workflows: with SaaS sprawl, the ability to seamlessly switch between programs is paramount for work efficiency.
  • Build a centralized command center for use by all support teams: a modern service desk solution combines knowledge base, workflow processes, and support requests into one central platform that’s as intuitive for IT as it is for employees.

Watch the Webinar

Get the complete insights on how Director of IT Joseph Douthwaite met the challenge of scaling IT to support Root Insurance’s hypergrowth from 600 to 1000 employees in six months. It’s an incredible story with ample actionable advice to help IT leaders achieve similar success.

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