Picking up the thread: Introducing the ability to reply in Slack

Today, we’re taking our rich Slack integration to the next level by introducing threaded replies. Being able to reply directly from Slack has easily been one of our most common feature requests and we’ve been working hard on it for the past few months.

Previously, users could easily make requests in Slack, but would have to switch over to atSpoke on the web to add any comments. This was a pain, especially when you wanted to leave a quick reply to an incoming notification.

We used to simply offer a “Reply” button which linked to the request in atSpoke.

Now, notifications are sent in a Slack thread which mirrors the request in atSpoke. These threads live in your DM with @spoke: We intentionally avoided supporting threads in public channels, as this could be noisy and also presents privacy concerns.

This wasn’t the only approach available to us: Many support integrations for Slack will spin up a new channel for each support message. We found this confusing, though, and pushed ourselves to find something more elegant. Threads seemed like a perfect way to both keep a request’s history contained and allow people to reply directly within Slack.

We keep your Slack thread and atSpoke request in sync

Posting quick replies to a request is now a breeze. In our early testing with customers, team members have reported a faster employee response rate and seamless adoption, saying: “They took to it like fish take to water.”

Because so many people use Slack on mobile, replying to atSpoke requests on the go is now also easier. Lastly, employees like that threading helps them keep track of their asks: “Threading is a huge improvement because it keeps related things together” and even a “GAME CHANGER” (their caps, not ours!).

Current team members will still want to mostly work in atSpoke, as richer functionality — like triaging, adding to the Knowledge Base, and private notes — will still live there. As a neat little detail, we also intentionally won’t update threads with any replies you leave on the web, to avoid unnecessary or noisy notifications. For more info on getting started with threaded replies and helping your users get the most out of them, check out our Help Center article.

Threaded replies are one of the many ways we’re continuing to make atSpoke the perfect company help desk for Slack. Slack is great for lightweight conversations and atSpoke makes it even better for filing requests and finding company knowledge. Up next: we’re exploring new ways to turn Slack messages in to knowledge searches and making the chatbot experience even more intuitive and powerful.

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