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atSpoke 1.0: How we’re reinventing help desk software

Today we’re excited to announce that atSpoke is open to the public. 

A new approach to giving people the information and support they need to be happy and productive at work.

Our approach is built on a fundamental premise: We believe business software can be lightweight and delightful. Even categories of software traditionally considered “boring” can feel rewarding to use when they’re designed with the user in mind.

Because using workplace apps shouldn’t feel like a trip to the DMV! These apps should be simple and intuitive, not bloated and complex like the enterprise software solutions of yore.

That’s why we built atSpoke from the ground up with a laser-focus on simplicity. The ticketing and knowledge management features include everything internal support teams like IT and HR need to get things done, and nothing they don’t.

atSpoke’s streamlined, intuitive ticketing helps support teams get things done, quickly and easily.

Building on the theme of simplicity, we’re mindful of ways to make things more convenient for our users. Because people have a lot to keep track of at work. The tools they have to use to get things done shouldn’t add to their mental burden. Business software should meet people where they already are, in their existing workflows.

Using atSpoke, employees can ask for anything they need in the places they already work: Slack, email, SMS, and the web. They don’t have to wonder who to ask or where to look when they need help, because atSpoke is the convenient, one-stop shop.

We’ve made things convenient for support teams, too. As they’re responding to requests, they can add new information to the knowledge base right from a ticket.

Updating the knowledge base is really convenient in atSpoke. You can add useful information right from a ticket.

That’s information that employees could use for self-service the next time the same issue or question comes up. Because it doesn’t make a lot of sense for support teams to have to answer the same questions over and over again.

atSpoke uses artificial intelligence (AI) to respond to employee questions on the behalf of support personnel. In this and other ways, AI presents incredible opportunities to automate the rote, repetitive tasks that are so common in employee support.

When someone asks atSpoke a question, atSpoke’s AI finds the best answer in its knowledge base and automatically provides a friendly response. Employees get the information they need right away, while the people on teams like IT and HR who typically respond to workplace requests get fewer interruptions from repetitive questions. They get more time to focus on the work that keeps their companies running smoothly.

atSpoke’s AI can handle self-service requests over Slack, email, SMS, and the web.

When atSpoke doesn’t yet know the right answer to a question or can’t help with a service request, it intelligently assigns a ticket to the right team in the organization. That means no more, “I’ve got this problem, but I don’t know who to ask for help…”

The more an organization uses atSpoke, the more it learns and the more helpful it becomes, making everyone–support teams and employees alike–more happy and productive over time.

Sound compelling? We’ve made it risk-free to give atSpoke a test-drive with a two week free trial.

How’d we end up here?

The journey to this day started In 2016. David, Pratyus, and I founded atSpoke based on a shared vision of a new way to provide information and service within organizations.

Working at Google, we had experienced something common at many companies: It can be surprisingly hard to find answers to questions or get the services you need, especially if you don’t know where to look or whom to ask.

And it’s not because of the wonderful folks on support teams like IT and HR. They care deeply about the happiness and productivity of their coworkers, and they pride themselves on providing helpful service.

We discovered that a lot of the problem actually resides with the help desk software these teams rely on to manage workplace requests.

In short, traditional help desk software isn’t setting up support teams to succeed, because their coworkers–their customers–aren’t getting all the information and assistance they need to be productive.

With atSpoke, we’ve attacked each one of these issues head-on. We want all internal support teams and their customers to be able to enjoy the happiness and productivity benefits of a simple, intelligent solution for managing workplace requests.


We’re extremely grateful to the early customers who have given us so much valuable feedback over the past months. They’ve been critical in taking our vision for atSpoke and turning it into a real, useful solution. We’re so excited about our roadmap for making atSpoke even more valuable to you and all of our future customers.

We hope you’ll check it out.  And make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more updates and insights.


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