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One Service Desk for All Teams: Frankly IT Podcast Talk

I recently had the pleasure of joining host Jennifer Tribe on the Frankly IT podcast to discuss IT’s role in addressing the next wave of workforce service needs, as well as the technology trends shaping the service desk in 2021 and beyond. Have a listen to our 20-minute conversation in the podcast below.

Here’s a summary of the three trends that will re-define the service desk next year.

Trend 1: One Service Desk For All

The service desk will move beyond the traditional IT use case, as organizations look to operationalize the increasing volume of internal service requests across multiple teams.

The function of a service desk, by definition, is to facilitate employee access to knowledge and services company-wide – from access to IT, marketing, sales, finance, to HR and people ops.

As service desk experts, IT teams are well-positioned to lead the initiative in deploying one service desk for all teams.

unmatched adoption

Trend 2: Machine Learning on Every Service Desk

Machine learning, once a differentiating capability, is now table stakes when it comes to service desk solutions. Why? Because 70% of tickets are repetitive and of those, 30% can be automated – a perfect use case for machine learning.

atSpoke provides end to end automation

Machine learning is a win-win for both end users and support agents. Employees experience increased speed and efficiency in accessing the tools and services they need to do their jobs; and agents see significant time savings from the reduction in repetitive, manual work.

Trend 3: the Service Desk as Integrations Command Center

The proliferation of work tools and knowledge bases is paradoxically impeding workforce productivity. Modern software tools are easier to integrate with APIs. Service desks by definition need to be complex tools to keep everything running. If done right, a service desk can be the front end to all the key workflows across the company, i.e., an integrations command center.

integrated ecosystem allows faster workflows

No doubt, IT teams can leverage the service desk to address a lot of workforce challenges – provided you have the right service desk. The key capabilities of a modern service desk include:

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