Private notes let you (quietly) resolve requests as a team

Spoke’s mission is to make it easy to ask for and get help at work. So, we’re always balancing a lightweight experience for requesters, with a robust toolset for team members. This is especially relevant in a world of constant notifications and interruptions.
One recurring theme is how teams can collaborate without disrupting the requester.
As larger teams start using atSpoke, more people get involved in solving requests. Many of our customers asked for a way to keep those conversations inside of atSpoke, where the request (and context) lives. But, no one wanted to pester the requester or expose the requester to random internal team chatter. So, on the heels of releasing Request Types and Forms, we’re excited to announce private Notes.
Private notes can be left by clicking on the eye icon

Private notes are highlighted in the same color as the team.

Notes allow you to have side conversations right where the request is. Sometimes it’s to suggest an alternative approach, and sometimes it’s to pass tasks back and forth between team members.
The “eye icon” appears for people on the team owning the request. Clicking on it lets you leave a note. We use the same color as your team to make it clear that this is a private message for the team!
Team members can @mention people outside of the team to leave them a private “FYI”. But other private notes are only visible by members of the current team. Learn more about how Notes work in our help center article.
We’re always striving to find solutions that give team members a robust tool without compromising the ease of asking for and getting helpNotes — along with Request Types and Forms — all work towards this goal. atSpoke helps teams scale in new ways, so you can focus on providing a delightful experience for your company.

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