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In the global and increasingly distributed modern workplace, employees expect help that is relevant and applicable to them. Imagine how frustrating it would be to be an employee at your company’s Melbourne offices. You search for “company holidays” and get back a list of US company holidays, simply because there are more US colleagues who’ve made this search more frequently! Or perhaps you’d like to meet with an IT colleague to diagnose a slow boot-up time, only to have your request routed to an IT team on the opposite coast. Employees need personalization.

Our first step into personalization was figuring out how to handle sensitive content that should only be shown to certain audiences. Resource Visibility enabled teams to create private team resources, or gate content to full-time versus contract employees. Today, we’re taking making two significant upgrades to how we use AI to deliver the most relevant, personalized experiences to your employees.

Using Resource Preference, you can now give employees — in different locations, roles, and departments — immediate and personalized access to resources that are most relevant to them. atSpoke is the only solution that can give two employees different answers to the same question, based on their employee profile. This means that a manager in the EU and an individual contributor in the US can immediately get different answers to the question: “what’s the process of transferring offices?”

Spoke’s automatic team routing saves teams from having to manually direct requests. Today, we’re launching our next generation team routing model which goes beyond differentiating between IT and HR. For example, we can now distinguish between different HR teams based on location, department, and more. If the EU manager wants to talk to their HR business partner after reading the office transfer policy, atSpoke knows to file that request with the EU HR team, instead of the US HR team.

Our vision is that as companies scale their teams and content, employee productivity should not suffer. Employees shouldn’t have to set up endless filters or scroll past rows and rows of content that doesn’t apply to get the help they want. Resource Preference and Subteam Routing are two different features that are building on the same vision.

The possibilities of personalization and relevance are endless. Imagine showing IT self-service resources based on the hardware assigned to the user, or automatically routing benefits-related requests to the HR benefits lead, all without configuring rules engines that go stale. This is the kind of intelligent software experience we are designing: one that is elegant, scalable, and intuitively facilitates collaboration.

If you’re already using atSpoke, the first step is to set up your HRIS integrations. Resource Preference is available on the Plus plan, while Subteam routing is available to all users.

And if you’re not using atSpoke, we’d love to show you how atSpoke can save your team time while giving employees an intuitive and delightful experience. Schedule a demo with us to get started!

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