New: Intelligent agent routing

Team members typically have a unique area of expertise—one might know everything about broken hardware, another about software access, and a third about onboarding new hires. When you’re managing an influx of tickets, defining and scaling the most routine workflows can be challenging. Without the right processes, teams sacrifice productivity and resort to using costly workarounds to achieve accurate routing.

To solve these challenges, we’re excited to announce Intelligent Agent Routing—a powerful assignment tool that routes an incoming request to the agent best equipped to resolve it, so you can ensure work moves forward.

Save time and steps

atSpoke intelligently identifies and assigns requests to the most qualified team member using their previous experience, skills, and training. As an example, if Maria on IT has resolved the majority of requests related to Zoom issues, she will be assigned to similar requests in the future.

Setting up intelligent agent routing is simple. In any team’s settings, you can select based on previous experience as its assignment style to enable smart routing for that team. Once the style is set, your team will never have to worry about requests being accurately assigned again. Just set it and let atSpoke take care of the rest.

Select Based on previous experience to enable intelligent agent routing.

As your organization grows, the volume of incoming requests will also likely increase. Intelligent agent routing allows you to minimize complexities and streamline requests to agents who know how to handle them best. An extra bonus? Requests are resolved faster and employees receive more accurate responses because team members know exactly what they’re talking about.

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