atSpoke’s May & June Product Highlights

Happy Summer! It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through 2020. Here at atSpoke, we’ve spent many weeks in conversations about race and equality—conversations we continue to have as part of our commitment to eradicate racism and foster inclusion in the workplace and the world.

Meaningful change also requires action, so we’re always looking for ways to be the change we want to see. Recently, we scoured and changed any language and terminology in our code, product, and help center that carried even a hint of discriminatory undertones. We will no longer condone the use of the terms, “whitelisting,” “blacklisting,” or “grandfathering.”

🙌🏾 A huge thank you for continuing to work with us during these uncertain times. All the new and upcoming features we’re excited to share are a result of your continued support and partnership.

And now, onto what’s new in atSpoke!

Slack snippets

Get the answer you’re looking for right away with snippets in Slack. atSpoke will not only display the most relevant snippet of information from a knowledge base resource, but also bold the specific answer upfront.

Slack snippets are currently in open beta, so please reach out if your team is interested in learning more.

Action tasks

Complete multi-step workflows without leaving atSpoke with integrated task handling across all of your tools. Automate who can trigger and where the task falls in the workflow so users can skip the extra logins or lookups. We’d love to hear what you think—get in touch for early access!

OfficeSpace integration 

Manage space and oversee everything from scheduling employee moves to booking hotel desks in OfficeSpace all from within atSpoke. Shoot us a note to join this open beta.

Team member sorting

Easily find who you’re looking for by sorting team members alphabetically or by date added (or just search!).

Selecting a Jira project

When pushing a request to Jira, you can now select any project available in your Jira org, instead of only the projects mapped to teams in your atSpoke integration settings.

Redesigned requests

We’ve been heads down redesigning atSpoke’s request list and details to help you accomplish more from your inbox. Here’s a sneak peek, but stay tuned for more later this month when we’ll roll out new requests to all customers.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe and healthy out there!

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