Improved collaboration with tasks in atSpoke

More often than not, handling a request in atSpoke is likely to involve more than one stakeholder. Imagine an all-too-familiar process like employee onboarding. For the HR team in charge of welcoming a new hire, pulling together a well-organized onboarding experience takes a ton of work and upfront planning. From getting a new computer and badge from IT to having Facilities set up their desk, keeping track of various tasks in your onboarding process can feel like it requires an organizational mastermind.

Today, we’re excited to announce that you can add Tasks to any request type in atSpoke. Tasks represent specific action items on a request for cross-functional team members to complete. For a new hire onboarding request, assign tasks like “Read and sign employee handbook” to the employee or “Approve access to Salesforce” to the employee’s manager. Many requests in atSpoke involve working across several different departments, and tasks allow you to automate assigning responsibilities and keep track of progress.

It’s easy to use tasks in atSpoke to support approvals. Received a request for new software? Use tasks to quickly auto-assign the approval of this expense to the requester’s manager.

The first step of building Tasks in atSpoke was understanding how cross-functional team members wanted to collaborate on a request. We learned that even though today’s teams are more interconnected than ever, working in silos continues to plague both small and large organizations. For an IT request that has an HR dependency, an IT team member would often need to look up the appropriate HR stakeholder, pivot to Slack, DM that user for sign-off, and finally leave a note on the atSpoke request for posterity before marking it as complete. While this approach works to some extent, information usually ends up scattered and critical details are often missing.

Our goal with Tasks is to break down requests with cross-team dependencies into smaller pieces to divide up work among multiple people. These granular units of action lay the foundation for collaborative work, helping you understand the progress of your request and ensuring that no element of a request falls through the cracks.

Tasks are available on our Plus plan to all Admins and Team members. Creating them is easy – check out our help center to learn more. And as always, feel free to shoot us a note if you have any questions!

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