Full context for IT requests with Oomnitza

Fast-moving IT teams solve tech issues all day–often toggling between several tools to resolve these issues. But when relevant data is not easily accessible and scattered across disparate systems, IT teams must manually (and tediously) connect this information. Today, we’re excited to take the first step in addressing this disconnect with our Oomnitza asset management integration.

Oomnitza offers an all-in-one IT asset management platform designed to allow enterprises to comprehensively track and manage all their assets. When teams connect atSpoke and Oomnitza, they can easily handle all elements of a broken hardware request inside of atSpoke. We include this context alongside the request, so users can simply click into the request panel to view any assets tied to the requester. We recognize that not all teams need to see asset-related data in atSpoke. To solve for this, users can select which teams should include Oomnitza data on their requests when enabling the integration.

High-frequency, low-effort tasks like repeatedly looking up device information are a drain on productivity. The availability of this data directly within atSpoke saves your teams the pain of having to pivot between platforms. But more importantly, it provides your teams with personalized, accessible data needed to support your employees across the IT suite.

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