Find requests faster with new atSpoke features

Now in atSpoke: find requests more efficiently with better filters and sorting, saved custom lists, and improved navigation!

Sorting and filtering

First, by popular request, we’ve added sorting. Now you can sort requests by how recently they were updated, or by when they were first posted, in ascending or descending order.

Need to find your oldest request? No more clicking “Show more requests” over and over again. Want to see requests in the order they were made? That’s easy too.

We’ve also updated atSpoke’s filters, to make it easier than ever to narrow down your search. In addition to the filters we’ve always had — team, requester, assignee, type, and tag — we’ve added task assignee and follower, so you can make your criteria as granular as you need.

You can still tab between statuses while using filters, so you’ll never lose track of pending requests again.

Sorting and filtering is now available across every request list, so you can make use of it in Inbox, Unassigned, or wherever else you spend your time.

Saved custom lists

Maybe you’ve experienced this: you spend time tweaking your filters to see just the requests you need, but then you leave the page. Next time you want the same list, you have to redo all your work. Frustrating, right?

Never again! We’re introducing saved custom lists, so from now on, you can save your configuration of filters right to the sidebar for easy access.

Maybe you want to see every request with the “New hire” tag. Now it’s as easy as filtering by that tag and saving the resulting list.

Or maybe you want quick access to all requests with the word “hardware” in them. Just filter by the search term “hardware,” save your new list, and voila — it’s saved, ready for you to access.

Updated request navigation

Last but not least, we’ve updated our navigation to reflect the way our users use atSpoke.

You’ll now have team-specific lists, so you can find requests filed to each of your teams more quickly. On the IT team? You can find all of those requests in the IT list. Just got added to the Design team? Now you’ll have a Design list too.

Sorting and filtering is available on all plans, as is the improved navigation. Saved custom lists are available to users on the Standard plan and above.

You can read more about filters and sorting and saved custom lists, and send us your feedback so we can continue to make atSpoke work for you!

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