atSpoke’s April Product Highlights

Happy May! If you’re like us, you’re probably used to working from home by now. atSpoke has been fully remote for the past couple of months to help contain COVID-19 and we figured we weren’t alone in trying to stay on top of all those incoming requests. To make collaborating at a distance a little easier, we spent April shipping exciting new features and improving existing ones. 

Intelligent agent routing 

Reassigning tickets to agents best equipped to handle them is never fun. We recently released intelligent agent routing to identify and assign requests to the most qualified team member based on their previous experience, skills, and training. Set up is super simple—in any of your team settings, just select based on previous experience to enable agent routing for that team.

Customizable company-wide email 

Your organization likely has an internal support email where employees send requests. Rather than having employees remember a different email address, you can customize your org’s display email. Keep in mind this only changes the display email in atSpoke and you’ll still need to set up automatic forwarding.

Exporting requests as PDFs 

Sometimes you need to save or print tickets for compliance or escalations. Now you can export any request you have access to from the more menu. Exporting requests are simpler and faster—no more missing timestamps or broken formatting.

Jira integration enhancements 

Since releasing the first version of our Jira integration, we’ve heard from many of you about pushing requests to multiple projects. You can now map each selected atSpoke team to their respective Jira project in your integration settings. 

For additional flexibility, we also support re-selecting a project before pushing a request to Jira. We’ll default to the team that was mapped in your settings, but another team can be selected before creating the Jira issue.

New integrations

We have a handful of new integrations currently in beta that enable cross-functional teams to stay aligned. These integrations allow you to complete third-party actions within tickets with the click of a button, and skip the extra logins and lookups. Our work here isn’t done, but here’s what we have so far:

If your team uses any of these apps, shoot us a note and we’ll get you set up!

Migrating to React

Behind the scenes our engineering team has been hustling to rewrite our entire application in React to optimize performance and reliability. We most recently shipped our settings page and our request inbox view is on deck.

We always love hearing from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any feedback or suggestions. Thanks for another great month and stay safe!

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