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An important part of any team member’s job is resolving co-workers’ requests. But sometimes you want to go beyond the one-offs and see how your team is performing. Other times, team leads want a birds-eye view of request themes and how they change over time. Based on customer feedback, we’ve designed and built reports identifying trends across your requests. In addition to showing standard metrics like request volume, this dashboard includes insights like auto-resolution rate over time and most popular request types.

Quantifying and tracking how much work your team is doing helps you advocate for appropriate resourcing, and identify the critical workflows to optimize. Early-access customers are already making data-driven decisions based on this new data.

“We recently dedicated a full-time team member to support (and atSpoke), and the visibility the dashboard provided was the evidence I needed to prove we needed that full-time team member.” – Don from University Tees

We show you team-level performance to give you the ability to capture cross-team insights for benchmarking and collaboration. In addition, your data can be exported via CSV, which is extra powerful when combined with our public API. This way, you can combine atSpoke data with data from other systems and pull into your own B.I. tool. This new dashboard will be available to all admins and team members on the Standard and Plus plans.

We’re excited to help you highlight your teams’ contribution to your company. Going forward, we have plans to build premium insights that help calibrate your teams’ performance against peers in other companies. As you look into these reports, we’d love to hear what kinds of decisions and changes they’ve helped you make!

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