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Slack saved Scoot’s HR & Facilities team hours every week.

We recently surveyed HR leaders about the biggest pain points in their day-to-day jobs, and one of the top responses was: spending too much time completing highly tactical, one-off tasks and not enough on larger, strategic projects.

It makes sense. Tools like Slack, G-Chat, Zoom, and others have made HR teams more available than ever, with employees able to reach out with just a few clicks whenever they need help. While this empowers HR teams to deliver support and answer questions quickly, HR team members can easily get bogged down by the sheer volume of requests they have coming in, especially at companies in the hundreds or thousands of employees. 

Another issue is the fact that requests are coming through several different channels (Slack, email, colleagues walking up to their desk) which can be hard to keep up with. HR team members need to be constantly checking several different channels, each of which have some combination of unread, unfinished, and completed requests.

One of the biggest pet peeves for HR teams is the repetitive nature of the requests they have to field. HR team members find themselves having to send the same knowledge base links, the same Google Docs, and provide the same answers to questions about PTO, HR policy, etc. No one likes mundane work, especially when there’s much more meaningful, engaging projects to be done. 

All this leads to HR teams not being as productive as they could be. When you’re constantly getting pinged with one-off, repetitive requests, focusing on meatier strategic projects is difficult.

atSpoke answers up to 50% of repetitive HR questions

Here at atSpoke, we’ve built a tool designed to simplify and reduce HR team’s workloads. Our product has three core features – Modern Ticketing, Self-Service AI, and HRIS Integrations – which are designed to save your team lots of time and maybe even some gray hairs.

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