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The benefits of a ticketing system for HR teams

Measure employee engagement. Improve the employee experience. Find, hire, and onboard top talent. Design and manage your company’s benefits. And on top of that, manage the challenges—things like complying with various state and overseas regulations—created by ever-more distributed teams and the evolving makeup of the modern workforce.

These are just a few of the business-critical initiatives HR teams are responsible for, but few HR teams have the time they need to truly focus on these tasks. Why? They’re too tied up answering one-off questions and doing administrative work.

There is a category of products that helps reduce the amount of time HR teams spend on these administrative tasks: ticketing systems. In fact, HR teams that use the right ticketing system report spending up to five more hours a week on things like training, hiring, and people strategy.

However, because ticketing systems were traditionally designed for IT support and customer service teams, few think of an HR ticketing system as a solution to HR’s growing list of responsibilities.

Why HR teams need ticketing systems

If it feels like all you do at work is answer repetitive questions and get interrupted by requests to complete administrative tasks, it’s time to start thinking about how your team might benefit from adopting HR service desk software.

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