On-Demand Leader: Steven Juanes from Pantheon

Steven is Pantheon’s IT manager, where he supports 150+ users and knocks down hundreds of requests each month. We asked him about working with atSpoke and how he’s finding the most value in the platform.
Find out how Steven is automating his work using atSpoke!

Andrew: What’s one piece of tech you can’t live without?

Steven: Headphones. I’m more susceptible than most to random noise or notifications, so I bring my own to help block out the noise. I do a lot of work on my commute as well, so whether I’m using them for focus time or when getting on a plane, I always have them with me.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced working inside an agile startup?

Probably being a one-man team. It’s not my “first rodeo” being a one-man show, I’ve done it for a lot of my career. When Pantheon was 50 people, I was putting out fires rather than planning large projects. As we’ve grown, it’s gotten harder to do both.

What have you done to solve that?

Being a one-man team forced me to use tools to extend my reach. Things like Jamf, Okta, and atSpoke have helped with that. The biggest struggle is showing how much value I’m bringing to the company. Many places think of IT as a cost center, and communicating ITs ability to be a cost saver is sometimes difficult. atSpoke’s analytics dashboards really helped with that. I can back up the amount of work I’m doing with hard numbers and resolution times.

What’s the most consistent atSpoke request you see?

We are in the process of switching over to Okta, and being an agile startup, it’s probably software access requests. Before Okta, title changes and personnel changes caused people to get locked out consistently.

What tools have you used to Automate your Workflow?

Zapier — definitely. I use that to automate my OOO with atSpoke. (Find Steven’s Workflow here)  After their most recent update, I also find myself using BetterCloud more and more.

What are you reading or listening to?

Uhh *Laughs* recently a lot of K-pop. I might be biased; my wife is Korean, and I recently spent a few weeks over there, so right now, I like to work to that. Otherwise, lots of video game soundtracks, Legend of Zelda or similar.  s far as reading; too many to count. Pantheon offers a book incentive, so everyone gets a Kindle and is encouraged to continue that learning. Right now, it’s mostly SAML documentation and getting ready for OKR’s next year.

What’s one fun fact about yourself that people wouldn’t know just by meeting you?

I can read/write/speak Korean. You wouldn’t look at me and thing “That guy speaks Korean.”

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