The Databricks Front Door to Enterprise-Wide Employee Support

Mike Hamilton, Head of IT at Databricks, has a simple yet powerful approach to delivering enterprise-wide employee support: build one front door.

According to Hamilton, a 20+ year IT veteran, organizations frequently build IT programs that impede employee access to internal support. Complex ticketing systems, obscure processes, and unintuitive interfaces are some of the common barriers to efficient support. When employees encounter an issue that prevents them from working and they don’t have access to fast and fluid support – the entire organization suffers. Hamilton’s recommendation: build a super-simple frontend to internal support that’s powered by a service desk with AI. It’s the approach that Mike employed at Databricks via atSpoke’s service desk, and the results have been hugely successful.

This was among several valuable takeaways from our webinar hosted by atSpoke CEO Jay Srinivasan and featuring Mike Hamilton and his journey to a world-class support program at Databricks.

Webinar Key Takeaways

  • Build one front door for employee access to internal support.
  • Successful organizations embrace IT as a strategic pillar of the business.
  • The two most important IT imperatives are employee experience and support efficiency.
  • Automation, AI, and chat have a significant impact on team efficiency.

Interview Highlights

Here are some select excerpts from the Q&A between atSpoke CEO Jay Srinivasan and Databricks Head of IT Mike Hamilton.

Jay: What’s your IT philosophy at Databricks?

Mike: IT’s goal is to  provide the greatest amount of good to the greatest number of individuals. This requires smart and efficient triaging. IT is not a deli where you take a ticket and get served in sequential order.

* * * *

Jay: What is the essential underpinning of world-class IT organizations?

Mike: World-class IT organizations are often a core part of the business strategy. IT touches every team; it’s the connective tissue in a company. Successful organizations embrace and activate IT as a trusted, high-exposure resource.

* * * *

Jay: What are the most important IT metrics?

Mike: The most important metric is the overall employee experience of IT, so CSAT scores are key. I don’t think metrics like first call resolution and total ticket count are always relevant.

Watch the Webinar

Learn more detailed insights from Mike Hamilton – watch the webinar.

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