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Tag, Your Team Is It!

Tags are great for so many things: showing the price on those expensive sneakers (no judgement here), generating buzz on social media, and a powerful way to add visual organization. With an endless amount of requests, it can be difficult for teams and agents to fit organizational tags to their own unique team taxonomy, leading to disorganized requests and more headache for coworkers. Today, we’re announcing Team Tags — an exciting improvement that enables Team Admins to create unique tags for every team. With Team Tags, teams can now better organize and manage requests, track workloads, and even share common workflows between team members.  

In addition to Organization Tags, atSpoke now has Team Tags.  

With Team Tags, Admins in atSpoke will be able to categorize requests according to their team’s organizational system and streamline filtering requests for better team efficiency. 

Team Tag Time

Did you know it’s possible to create Team Tags from your team’s page? Simply navigate to your team’s page, select the Tags tab, and click Add tag. Now whenever Team Admins or Agents are working on a request, they’ll be able to select and apply the team (or organizational) tag that’s most relevant. It’s important to note that tags are only visible to Team Admins & Agents (so no worries, requesters will never see any tags on requests), and only Team Admins can add, remove, or change tags at the team-level. 

Tag – your team is it! Try Team Tags in atSpoke today!


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