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Pagerduty: the Help Desk Isn’t Just For IT Support Anymore

If you’re looking to modernize workplace operations and elevate employee experience, take a page from PagerDuty. The leader in digital operations management has been leveraging IT services to transform its organization for some time now. Among the key principles that define the company’s approach: deliver beyond IT support with a central help desk that serves all teams across the company. Since that’s exactly how atSpoke rolls, it was only a matter of time before their people talked to our people, and the result:

atSpoke now powers service desk operations for PagerDuty across eight teams:

  1. Helpdesk
  2. BAE
  3. Benefits
  4. People Ops
  5. Finance
  6. Sales Enablement
  7. SalesOps
  8. Security

PagerDuty also leverages atSpoke to streamline workflows with an integrated command center and to automate manual repetitive tasks for better employee efficiency. Read more details in the press release.

atSpoke Integrates With PagerDuty

Did you know you can seamlessly move a ticket between atSpoke and PagerDuty without losing any context? Yep, atSpoke’s integration with PagerDuty enables responders to trigger actions in PagerDuty from within Slack and atSpoke tickets, creating connected and faster workflows. This gives cross-functional teams more transparency, letting them see all requests and incidents — whether submitted via atSpoke or PagerDuty — so they can escalate incidents to the right resource swiftly.

PagerDuty on Digital Ops Transformation

How has digital transformation changed the way businesses need to operate internally? Find out in this on-demand Virtual CIO Chat with PagerDuty VP of Technology & Risk Chad Kalmes and atSpoke Co-founder and CEO Jay Srinivasan.

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