Yep. One Front Door. The Key to Scaling Your Enterprise IT Organization


From the proliferation of workplace apps to the distribution of knowledge resources, employees spend a lot of time searching for information and troubleshooting tools. According to Gartner, the average employee spends five hours a day grappling with technology, which hurts morale, productivity, and the bottom line.

Today now more than ever, workforce empowerment is a requisite to business growth and success. Companies that adapt their tools and technologies to how employees work –– as well as provide fast and fluid access to IT support –– are better positioned to scale and prevail.

In our webinar, “One Front Door. The key to scaling your enterprise IT organization,” atSpoke CEO and Co-founder Jay Srinivasan provides a blueprint for building one front door to enterprise-wide employee support.

Webinar Key Takeaways


What is “one front door?”

“One front door” represents a portal for employees to get the support and services they need to do their jobs. One front door is about a simple frontend that’s accessible to every employee and that’s powered by a modern service desk solution.

Five components for building one front door

1. Know your org on a deeper level. Review your service requests and questions to identify and automate repetitive tasks.

2. Make accessible your operational blueprint. Map out where knowledge lives and create a comprehensive list of services offered.

3. Offer one service desk to empower them all. Choose a system that’s easy to use and adopt, integrates with your workplace apps, and powered by machine learning.

4. Create one connected ecosystem. Reduce context switching by giving teams one central integrations command center.

5. Enable easy accessibility for employees from anywhere. Adapt processes and tools to how employees are already working.

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