New: Monitor agent performance with Satisfaction Ratings

Virtually every product has some type of structured rating scale; apps, restaurants, hotels, movies and more have all become attached to a score or recommendation. From numbers to emojis and stars, these signals have become powerful social proof to help judge the value and quality of the products and services we use. 

Today, we’re excited to introduce Satisfaction Ratings in atSpoke – a simple way for requesters to evaluate their support experience and measure satisfaction. Satisfaction Ratings allow teams to:

Our survey is designed to maximize response rates by being quick and simple while also gathering essential data. When a ticket is resolved, requesters will automatically receive a short two-question survey: an emoji rating scale and a comment box to provide additional feedback once submitted.  

What’s even better? Surveys are supported across all channels—web, email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams—so requesters never have to pivot to provide feedback. 

Admins can measure team performance and track satisfaction trends with our new Team Performance dashboard. Team performance metrics live in the Analytics tab on each team and measure: 

Easily filter and export metrics to gain visibility into every interaction and improve agent productivity. SLA metrics are also included and coming soon!

Measuring requester satisfaction means having a better idea of what works to keep employees satisfied – and what leaves them unhappy. Over time, your teams will benefit from seeing improvements in satisfaction and agent productivity. Satisfaction Ratings are just a few of the many things you can do with atSpoke. If you haven’t yet, try atSpoke free for 30 days to see what else it can do for you and your team.

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