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atSpoke’s May Product Highlights

Welcome to our monthly product update! We’ve been busy this past May as we launched new features, refined current ones and worked to make your life a bit easier this summer. Keep reading to learn what’s new in atSpoke 🌾

Organize data with Configuration Items

ICYMI we recently announced Configuration Items, a lightweight CMDB, which enable agents to store arbitrary and reusable data at the org level. To use Configuration Items, navigate to your organization’s Requests Settings and click Configuration Items. Whenever agents are working on similar requests, they’ll be able to select and apply the configuration list that’s most relevant to respective request types. 

Syncing assets with Okta & Google Cloud

In addition to creating native Configuration Items, atSpoke will automatically pull in items from Okta and Google Cloud. Integrated items will sync once a day and reflect all updates so you can maintain one single source of truth. Gain visibility into all configurations and reduce context switching by pulling in information directly from relevant applications.​

CMDB with Okta and atSpoke

Private notes enhancements

Followers on a request can now leave private notes for additional flexibility. This means team members can loop in other users by @-mentioning them, who can then see the note they are mentioned on and reply privately.

Previously, only members of the team assigned to the request could leave private notes. Private notes will still be visible to team members, users mentioned on a note and the author of the note.

private notes for ticketing in atSpoke

Ingest data with Greenhouse

Seamlessly ingest candidate data from Greenhouse without losing any context. atSpoke’s integration with the applicant tracking system enables recruiting teams to create new requests and save auditing events each time a candidate is marked as hired or changes stages. This gives cross-functional teams more transparency, letting them orchestrate and trigger robust onboarding workflows.

View multiple resources in Slack

Get more than one relevant knowledge base resource when you ask a question in Slack. Easily mark resources as helpful to improve training and response or file a request. Click show more to expand each truncated resource or the title link to view it in atSpoke.

knowledge base in slack


Here’s a quick peek into some of the behind the scenes improvements we worked on through the month of May.

Improved request panel

The request panel now has a full-width header, and a sidebar that matches team details, user details, and request details

Increased mobile support

We implemented a new mobile header, which includes a search bar and menu toggle. This removes any overlap between the menu toggle and any other elements.

New team colors

We analyzed our team color palette and created new lighter and darker variations.  

Integration optimizations

We enhanced our GuruAsanaConfluenceGitlab, and Azure integrations to make setup easier and more performant.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more product highlights coming to you all through June.

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