atSpoke’s March & April Product Highlights

Happy spring and welcome to our monthly product roundup! Since our last update, we lost an hour thanks to daylight savings time, but that doesn’t mean we worked any less to bring you some great new features.

Check out what’s new below, and as always, feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or ideas!

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

We now support powerful built-in SLA management to help teams deliver better service. SLAs define agreed upon terms for services like support responsiveness and resolution so you can manage expectations and monitor performance.

Each SLA in atSpoke has a set structure that allows you to define:

  • The metric you choose to measure
  • A set of conditions a request must satisfy for the SLA to be applied
  • The target goal for the selected metric

You can create SLAs for two different metrics: first response time and resolution time. 

Team Performance Dashboard

To understand how well your team is performing and meeting SLAs, Team Admins can view our new Team Performance Dashboard. These metrics enable you to pinpoint areas where you might need to increase efficiency or staffing and include insights across both CSAT and SLAs.

Okta Event Actions

We now support inbound event actions in Okta wherein atSpoke can automatically intake requests or proactively take actions or assist when a certain event happens in another application. We support the following events:

  • New app access request
  • User added to a group
  • User account locked
  • Change to user profile
  • User suspended

Head over to your Okta integration to enable inbound event actions.


With webhooks, external systems like your own back-end or third-party data providers can subscribe to atSpoke events, and be notified when they happen.

For example, you could set up your own integration, which gets notified when a specific request is filed in atSpoke, and then synchronizes those changes to your HRIS.

Team Schedules

For many organizations today, support teams are spread across the globe, working different hours in several time zones. With Team Schedules, you can now create multiple schedules, across time zones, to reflect all support hours—no matter how complex.

Each schedule can include the time zone, business hours, and team members. For teams with multiple schedules, you can also preview team availability to maximize coverage. 

Configuration Items

You can now standardize information with Configuration Items – a lightweight CMDB (configuration management database) that enables agents to store arbitrary and reusable data at the org level.

Items can be created directly in atSpoke or pulled from a third-party source like Okta or Google Workspace. Whenever agents are working on similar requests, they’ll be able to select and apply the configuration list that’s most relevant to respective request types.

New Request Type Templates

We’ve built several new Request Type templates across a breadth of functions that include richer workflow steps and integration action tasks. Check them out in any team and let us know of any others you’d like to see!​

​We’ve got tons of huge things brewing behind the scenes including:

  • Conditional workflows & logic
  • Private request types
  • Approval groups
  • Custom fields

If you’re interested in any of the above, shoot us a note!


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