atSpoke’s January Product Highlights

We’re ushering in 2021 with new atSpoke features just released in January! From new integrations to richer analytics – the latest enhancements are, as always, informed by our customer community. 

What’s new?

Knowledge Integrations

atSpoke’s integrations with Confluence, Guru, and Sharepoint enable teams to unify fragmented and siloed knowledge. Easily centralize disparate data, manage resources (including bulk import and automatic sync), and streamline access for better employee efficiency—all in atSpoke.

Knowledge Snippets

Knowledge snippets display a question’s response in context. Instead of showing the entire resource’s content, atSpoke will display and bold the snippet of text that directly answers your question.

Snippets work in both Slack and Microsoft Teams, as well as across native and third-party knowledge resources.

Satisfaction Ratings

Satisfaction Ratings in atSpoke are a simple way for requesters to evaluate their support experience and measure satisfaction. Satisfaction Ratings allow teams to:

Our survey is designed to maximize response rates by being quick and simple while also gathering essential data.

Team Performance Dashboard 

Admins can measure team performance and track satisfaction trends with our new Team Performance dashboard. Team performance metrics live in the Analytics tab on each team. Easily filter and export metrics to gain visibility into every interaction and improve agent productivity.

Merging Requests

You can now merge duplicate or multiple requests filed about the same incident or issue. When merging requests, there are two types of request: primary and secondary. Secondary requests are merged into primary requests.

Activity Log Enhancements

We’ve enhanced our Activity Log to support additional fields. Admins can now filter by teams and users before exporting data to refine results.

Required Tasks

Make any task required on a request type. Required tasks must be completed by the task assignee before the request can be marked as resolved.

Relative Due Dates

You can now add relative due dates to tasks in request types. For example, you can set a task as being due 3 weeks from the date a request of that request type is filed.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or ideas for anything we can build to improve atSpoke. Thanks for reading, and talk soon!

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