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atSpoke’s December Product Highlights

Happy new year! 🎉

We’re thrilled to recap our last batch of exciting new features built in 2020. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or ideas for anything we can build to improve atSpoke.

Embedded analytics

We introduced two new dashboards with team-level analytics to help you identify trends and make informed decisions:

Available to all admins and team members, these dashboards include standard service desk metrics, as well as strategic insights such as auto-resolution trends and chat deflection rate.

External users

We now allow teams to collaborate with external users directly within atSpoke through email support — without having to share your entire workspace. No more multiple inboxes and threads – much more time and efficiency!

How it works

Microsoft Teams integration

atSpoke’s Microsoft Teams’ integration empowers IT, HR, and business operations to deliver faster, more efficient employee support.

Support employees where they already work by 

PagerDuty integration

Seamlessly move a ticket between atSpoke and PagerDuty without losing any context. atSpoke’s integration with PagerDuty enables agents to trigger incidents in PagerDuty from atSpoke tickets, creating connected and faster workflows. This gives cross-functional teams more transparency, letting them see all requests and incidents — whether submitted via atSpoke or PagerDuty — so they can escalate incidents to the right resource swiftly.

Select an escalation policy and impacted service for the incident.

Trello integration

Context switching between atSpoke and other third-party tools means losing valuable time. Now you can push any atSpoke request to Trello. By pairing an atSpoke request with a Trello card, users can quickly hand off a request, maintaining context and reducing friction between departments.

Statuspage integration

Proactive support ensures that even the worst incidents can be a good user experience. We’ve integrated Statuspage with atSpoke to expand the reach of your communications and make sure users are never left in the dark. Now you can create a Statuspage incident from any atSpoke request so your support team is aware of ongoing incidents and your users are kept informed.

Email aliases

We now support multiple email addresses for a single user in atSpoke. To add an alternate address for receiving mail, simply navigate to my profile > authentication. Please note that if an org has enabled HRIS or SSO, users will not be able to add multiple email aliases.

Add and verify alternate email addresses to receive mail.

New form fields & required questions

Make any question on a request type required and select between additional form fields types like multi-select and date. Required questions and form fields extend to all channels — Slack, Teams, email and more!

Thanks for reading and cheers to 2021! Until next time.

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