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New: Unify fragmented knowledge in atSpoke

The great paradox of modern work: there’s a seemingly endless source of information, but finding what you need (and when you need it) can seem impossible. Between Slack, wikis like Confluence, and the endless sea of knowledge that is the web, it can feel overwhelming to find the information you need to do your best work. Today, we’re announcing an exciting round of new product features like updated knowledge integrations and snippets that should help get your team the knowledge they need, when they need it.  

In addition to Google Drive, atSpoke now powers the following KB integrations: 

  1. Confluence
  2. SharePoint
  3. Guru

Thanks to our new Knowledge Base integrations, teams will be able to import disparate sources of information from existing wikis and streamline access for better employee efficiency.

atSpoke integrates with Confluence

Did you know it’s now possible to import any existing resources from Confluence into atSpoke’s Knowledge Base? atSpoke’s integration with Confluence enables team administrators to import and manage resources in atSpoke (including bulk import and automatic sync), enabling their organization’s users to easily connect with the resources they need. The best part? Knowing atSpoke saves your company time and energy. 

Manu Narayan on Digital Knowledge Integration:

Curious how Confluent, the leader in Cloud-Native Event Streams, views digital knowledge integrations? 

We’re excited for the atSpoke integration with Atlassian as it aligned to a goal we have at Confluent to create applications that work the way our employees do. The ability for people to access the knowledge they need to get work done is critical, and with the integration, our teams can do just that easier and faster than before.” 

– Manu Narayan, Senior Director of Information Technology, Confluent

Too Long, Didn’t Read: Knowledge Snippets Bring Context to Chaos 

Let’s all be honest: work would be a lot easier if we had more context. Wouldn’t life be simpler if we could quickly find that right piece of information instead of endlessly scrolling through dense knowledge bases? We think there’s a better way, and today we’re announcing Snippets – your company’s new favorite context tool.

Knowledge base snippets will display a question’s response in context – instead of showing the entire resource’s content, atSpoke will display and bold the snippet of text that directly answers your question. 

Snippets work in both Slack and Microsoft Teams, as well as across both native and third-party KBs, so feel free to try it out today. Chaos might be a ladder in Game of Thrones, but context is king in the world of modern workplace operations.  


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