We’re relaunching IT Kit. Here’s why.

Tomorrow, we’ll be hosting an event at atSpoke HQ in SF to celebrate the relaunch of (You might still be able to get a ticket here.) We’re really excited to unveil the new site, and wanted to explain some of the reasoning behind why we put time and effort into IT Kit and what we’d like to accomplish:

We believe in the Modern IT worker, or what we like to call the “On-Demand Workplace Leader” (ODWL) for short. These are cloud-first, service focused, talented IT/Technology and other staff that drive instrumental change in the business. They do everything they can to delight their customers/end-users, whomever they are. We want to give back and learn from the enormous knowledge of this professional community. We’re not going to be placing any advertisements on the site except for the “BROUGHT TO YOU BY atSpoke” banner on the footer. 

This community needs a site to serve as their hub and their platform. Our team realized that with existing chat/discussion communities such as (join #itkit) or subreddits like /r/sysadmin there was another, untapped opportunity. We kept hearing that IT needed more – in terms of the depth and quality of content, events for connecting, and we took another approach. We wanted to focus on the following things:

  1. Podcasts- the ITKit podcast has been taking off, and we’d love to record with you. Email Subscribe on Stitcher here, or on Apple Podcasts here
  2. Interviews – We’ve talked to dozens of IT professionals at great companies about their roles, their favorite tools, what they have on their desks, etc. We’d love to learn from you!
  3. Blogs. Have some awesome contributed technical content from IT professionals. You can’t pay us, we won’t pay you. We’re impartial and fair (see our transparency statement)
  4. Meetups and events! This is our first. We’re targeting major cities around the US for the rest of the year. If you’re interested in helping host and run one, please email 🙂
  5. Reviews- we already have a huge database of products, mostly SaaS tools with upvotes/downvotes and reviews. Please feel free to contribute!
  6. And finally, Jobs! We hand-filter only the highest quality jobs, with the best tech stacks at the best organizations to work for. Want to post your position? Email 

We are incredibly excited for you to see the new site! We’d love to hear your feedback – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Tell us how we can make it better. We want to hear about your favorite tools, your most difficult challenges, and your best-kept IT secrets (as long as they’re not under NDA!). We’d seriously love to hear your voice on the IT Kit Blog and/or especially the Podcast! is mostly run and managed by atSpoke’s IT Evangelist, Tim Burke. Find him on LinkedIn here, on Twitter, Instagram, and Slack @tmburke, or email him directly at Looking forward to chatting 🙂 

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