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The Top 7 IT Podcasts Right Now

With over 700,000 active podcasts it can be tough to sift through them all and find the podcast that best suits your interest. Lucky for you, we did the work for you and put together a list of 7 IT podcasts that should be on your radar.  

IT In the D

IT In The D podcast logo

The “IT In the D” podcast is certainly not your average IT podcast. This show is hosted by Detroit IT veterans Bob Waltenspiel and Dave Phillips and their show is more conversational than informational. Think more, two guys talking in a bar, and not so much two guys talking into microphones. But don’t get it twisted, these two have been mainstays in the Detroit information technology community for over 10 years and this weekly two-hour show will definitely hold your interest. 
You can listen on:, Apple Podcasts

The IT Kit Podcast

IT Kit Podcast Logo

It wouldn’t be a list of IT Podcasts if we didn’t include our own IT Kit Podcast. Modern IT is now central for efficiency, innovation, and growth. This is why we at askSpoke in partnership with Greylock are introducing a series on Modern IT Leaders, modern IT challenges, the shifting needs of today’s IT teams, and many more IT topics. This podcast serves as just a small portion of a much larger goal for IT Kit, to create a community for IT professionals everywhere. 
You can listen on: 
Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

IT Visionaries

IT Visionaries Logo

Next we have a podcast that gives you a great look into the future of tech and IT. IT Visionaries is your source for actionable insights, lessons learned, and exclusive interviews with trailblazing IT leaders. This podcast will bring you all kinds of information in a way that makes it easy to apply and you won’t hear stories like this on any other podcast. Episodes release twice a week and each episode is packed with value, stories and trends – all directly from conversations with fortune 1000 tech leaders. 
You can listen on: 
Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Mission, Google Podcasts, Stitcher

The Cloud Cast

The Cloud Cast Podcast Logo

Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely are the hosts of The Cloud Cast, an independent Cloud Computing podcast. Each week a new episode is released in which they discuss the tech and business changes that are driving Digital Transformation, DevOps, Cloud-Native applications and Hybrid Cloud. There guests are industry thought-leaders and founders of companies changing the IT industry. 
You can listen on: 
Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher,

Risky Business

Risky.Biz Podcast Logo

This is a podcast for all of you information security pros out there. Risky business is a weekly information security podcast featuring news and in-depth interviews with industry leaders. Hosted by Patrick Gray, this 50-60 minute podcast is a must listen for the information security folks out there. 
You can listen on:
Apple, Spotify, Risky.Biz

Packet Pushers

Packet Pushers Podcast Logo

Packet Pusher’s “Heavy Networking” Podcast is for the serious networking technology professionals. As they describe it, the show is “An unabashedly nerdy swan dive into networking technology.” The weekly episodes feature industry experts, real-life network engineers and vendors sharing useful information to keep your professional knowledge sharp. It would be safe to say that if you geek out on Data Networking Technology, then this podcast is absolutely what you’re looking for. 

You can listen on:
Apple, Spotify, RSS

Intel® Chip Chat

Intel Chip Chat Logo

Intel® Chip Chat is a podcast made for the IT Managers of the world. This recurring podcast series brings you one-on-one interviews with some of the brightest minds in the industry, each episode diving into all things data center. It aims to bring their listeners closer to innovations and inspirations of the men and women shaping the future of computing, and in the process share a little bit about the technologists themselves. 

You can listen on:, SoundCloud

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