The mythical “greenfield” environment

In IT we have this term “greenfield” which defines an environment with no legacy and no existing technology. It is, in essence, a totally fresh start where no decisions are forced and you can build from the ground up, free to make your own choices. Given such an environment, as a new IT manager, what would I do?

1. Establish an Apple Business Manager Account.

Even if you’re not planning on doing any sort of Mac management at the moment, this allows you to retroactively add your Macs, iPads and iPhones to an MDM such as Fleetsmith or JAMF through Apple’s DEP (Device Enrollment Program). In essence, it establishes the business’s ownership of each device purchased and allows you to enforce management on them, now or later.

2. Establish a relationship with a trusted VAR (Value Added Reseller) to help with your procurement.

VAR’s generally have experts they can bring in for advice, can offer NET30 terms and have much higher buying power than any IT org. For example, CDW can actually beat Apple’s own business pricing on Macbooks given their volume, and can offer things such as complimentary next-day shipping. Other large, trusted VARs include Insight and eGroup.

3. Evaluate your requirements and pick the following tools:

4. Immediately start two things:

5. Work with your HR and Legal teams to define some important policies and documentation:

6. Figure out two very important end-user facing tools: the Ticketing/Request System and Knowledge Base.

You want a way to track all support and knowledge requests that come into IT, and also a self-service way for user to find knowledge of things like “What’s the Guest Wifi password?” I may be a little biased here recommending atSpoke as a smart, intuitive Ticketing and Knowledge Base tool, but there are also some other very good tools such as the Atlassian Suite, Zendesk, Freshdesk and others.

This is just the beginning of where I would start! Look for part 2 of this series upcoming in the next few weeks.

Are you an existing atSpoke user?