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Building a Modern IT Ecosystem: Insights From Sendoso and Jamf

What’s in a “modern” IT ecosystem?
What are the benefits?
How do you build it?

These were questions explored in a webinar I recently moderated, “How Sendoso scales their service desk with JAMF and atSpoke.” Guest speakers––Sendoso Head of IT Kyle Hoffman and Jamf Solution Partner Manager Sam Weiss––shared their vision of a modern IT ecosystem, as well as best practices for building internal operations from the ground up. Both Kyle and Sam also emphasized the importance of fast and fluid workforce tools, and provided firsthand insights on efficiencies gained via atSpoke’s Integrations Command Center. Notably, their insights are applicable to today’s remote work realities.

Access the on-demand webinar here. Read on for webinar highlights.

Webinar Key Takeaways

  • Use a centralized platform to manage assets and respond to tickets all in one place.
  • Accelerate workplace operations with an integrated command center to access apps directly without context switching.
  • Find solutions that align with how people already work, rather than foisting unfamiliar solutions on them.

Sendoso’s Path to a Modern Workplace Service Desk

Kyle Hoffman, a 20-year IT veteran, places a premium on employee experience. So when he set out to build Sendoso’s internal support operations, he looked for solutions with a clean, intuitive interface that would be a natural extension to how employees already work.

“I needed a connected IT solution that brings together all our applications and enables my team to work efficiently while delivering excellent employee service,” Kyle explained.

Ultimately, Kyle chose atSpoke’s modern workplace service desk, and his results speak for themselves.

Kyle shared three important tips for scaling IT operations:

  1. Align with solutions that employees already use widely.
  2. Implement systems with high reliability.
  3. Provide stakeholders with ROI metrics.

“atSpoke is easy to use yet cutting edge. Employees can simply ask a question in Slack and get a clear, relevant answer immediately, or be routed to the right person instantly. Our team can resolve tickets in Slack and perform actions in other systems without ever leaving the ticket. The experience is so clean. I’ve never heard of a ticketing system that does this before.”

Kyle Hoffman, Sendoso Head of IT

Jamf on the Power of the Ecosystem

Sam Weiss, Solutions Partner Manager at Jamf, contributed expert insights on building ecosystems––an area in which Jamf clearly excels as the industry standard in Apple OS and iOS management.

As Sam explained, “Jamf’s goal is to provide seamless integrations with existing IT infrastructure to leverage network, directory and security systems––and in a way that doesn’t hinder the end user experience and empowers people to do their best work.”

The top takeaway from Sam? Create integrations that helps users get the support they want, in the way that they want it.

Given this is exactly how atSpoke sees the world, it’s no surprise that Jamf is part of our Integrations Command Center.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar for Detailed Insights

For more discussion details––including insights on Sendoso’s abrupt switch to remote work––watch the on-demand webinar.

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