Punit Rajpara: Using tech to enable productivity

A deep dive with Punit of WeWork.

What do you ACTUALLY do?

I do what I love. I deliver world class IT support to customers and employees.

What types of devices do you support?
Mac, Windows, Linux and all mobile.

What’s your favorite piece of tech?

My iPad Mini. Does everything I need it to do. Work, game, read, watch movies, listen to music. And so lightweight and portable. I just wish they did a Smart Cover and Pencil for it

What tools or apps are most important to your job?

G Suite. my whole life lives there. What a godsend.

Do you prefer hands-on, or troubleshooting from afar?

Hands on. Is there any other way?

Favorite thing about your IT environment?

We use technology to enable productivity. Not just for employees but for 100,000s of our members around the world.

Thing you’d most like to change about it?

Why do people still print?

What’s on your desk?

Nothing. I don’t have a desk. I work from anywhere I find wifi.

What was your proudest professional moment?

Seeing a mentee progress to the next level, without any outside influence or help. You’re a hero Daniel, keep doing big things in life. (I hope he sees this!)

Most cringeworthy request?

Loaner headphones. Ear wax is not cool.

Do you stay hydrated at work?

No. Good reminder to get some water – thanks!



DIY or turnkey?

Depends on what it is. Both have pros/cons.

Lastly, who would you love to see interviewed here?

Shobhana Ahluwalia (Head of Tech Services @ Uber)

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