Brandon Green: Wearing lots of hats at a cannabis startup

An interview with Brandon Green, Senior IT Support Analyst at Pax.

What do you ACTUALLY do?

A little bit of everything, I wear a lot of the IT “hats” alone right now!

What types of devices do you support?

We’re almost exclusively a Mac shop, with a few PC’s sprinkled in. Then there’s the Zoom Rooms, printers, cameras, and everything else!

What’s your favorite piece of tech?

My Sony WH-1000XM2 headphones – noise canceling headphones are a must for an open office when I need to focus and get stuff done. Worth every penny and more when traveling too!

What tools or apps are most important to your job?

I depend on Slack, Gmail and probably Google Keep most of all. I’ve tried a lot of different task managers and to-do apps, but I really like the simplicity of Google Keep. Without Keep and JIRA tickets, I’d be lost!

Do you prefer hands-on, or troubleshooting from afar?

Always hands-on. I’m a people person, and while video chatting is solid, there’s nothing like sitting with the person and working with them. Even when troubleshooting remotely, I try and provide a similar level of service and attention to what they would get in the office.

Favorite thing about your IT environment?

The people! Our team is small right now but we get a lot done for our size! I also love being an almost all Mac environment.

Thing you’d most like to change about it?

Add more great people! As great as it is being a small team, now that we’re growing so quickly I’m gonna need a little help!

What’s on your desk?

My desk is pretty much always a mess! But I’ve always got my water bottle, Macbook Pro (and associated mess of dongles), iPhone X (personal), LG V35 ThinQ (work), wireless charging dock, Sony headphones, and most importantly my succulent, and Pax Era vaporizer with CBD oil.

How did you start your career in IT?

I started messing around with computers when I was about 10, built my first when I was 11 and from there it was off to the races! I’ve always been a people person, so as I got older I realized how valuable those skills were in the world of IT Support.

What are the biggest misconceptions of your role, internally or externally?

I think the biggest misconception is that an “IT Person” knows everything there is to know about ALL technology. As much as I love to keep up with technology, with the speed of updates and releases and everything else these days, no one can know everything.

What was your proudest professional moment?

My proudest professional moment was opening a brand new remote office space for 80+ people and having no major IT issues during the first week of operation. When the first day ended with only 4-5 minor IT tickets which all were resolved, I think I ran a victory lap around the entire office.

What are the biggest challenges in your work?

These days it’s the growing pains of scaling, though keeping users up to date and educated on all of the technology improvements and changes we make is always a tricky one as well.

Most cringeworthy request?

I once had a C-Level exec insist that his computer was broken because he could not login and demand a new one, turned out that he had changed his password the week before and forgotten.

Do you stay hydrated at work?

Heck yes! Water all day!


GUI. CLI is useful sometimes, but why type 50 characters when I can click twice?

DIY or turnkey?

Turnkey unless DIY is required

Where can people follow you online?

Twitter/Instagram – brandoncgreen

I’m on Slack MacAdmins, LinkedIn, Facebook

Are you an existing atSpoke user?