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New: Expand your ecosystem with Microsoft integrations

Want to improve your Team’s Outlook? Well look no further, because atSpoke now enables your team to Excel with integrations like Github, Azure, and SharePoint. Level up your ticketing system by bulk importing resources from SharePoint, pushing tickets from atSpoke directly into GitHub, and removing users from Azure groups—all without leaving your favorite SaaS application 🤯.

Use your Power (to) Point users towards the right information with SharePoint 📚

With our SharePoint integration, Team Admins can seamlessly import and manage resources in atSpoke (including bulk import and automatic sync) enabling their organization’s users to easily connect with the resources they need whenever they need them. Thanks to our new Knowledge Base integrations, teams will be able to import disparate sources of information from existing wikis and streamline access for better employee efficiency.

atSpoke and Sharepoint integration
Bulk sync your favorite resources with our SharePoint integration

Close excess Windows with our GitHub integration  

Thanks to our new GitHub integration, Team Agents and Admins in atSpoke can easily track changes across their codebase by allowing users to push tickets from atSpoke into a GitHub repository. Hear that sigh of relief? Your favorite engineers are breathing easy thanks to less context switching.

Github integration showing action in atSpoke ticket
Seamlessly push tickets from atSpoke to your favorite GitHub repository

Empower your Office with Azure

Wondering how to give your team more time back? With our Azure integration, Team Agents and Admins in atSpoke can trigger actions from within an atSpoke request. You’ll be able to easily execute identity and access management actions in Azure like removing a user from a group, listing groups assigned to a user, and more.    

atSpoke and Azure AD integration
Effortlessly execute your favorite actions in Azure – all without leaving atSpoke

It’s important to note that only Team Admins & Super Admins can add, remove, or change the SharePoint, Azure, or GitHub integrations, but Team Agents are welcome to use any integration in Requests. It’s easier than ever to enable SharePoint, Azure, and GitHub in atSpoke, but if you need any help (or just want to say hi!) Tweet @ us! 

More time back in your day thanks to our suite of robust Microsoft integrations? Word. 

Interested in checking out atSpoke for your teams? Request a demo and one of our product specialists will walk you through how our Microsoft integrations (and the rest of the platform) can help your internal teams provide better support faster.

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