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We recently surveyed HR leaders about the biggest pain points in their day-to-day jobs, and one of the top responses was: spending too much time completing highly tactical, one-off tasks and not enough on larger, strategic projects.

It makes sense. Tools like Slack, G-Chat, Zoom, and others have made HR teams more available than ever, with employees able to reach out with just a few clicks whenever they need help. While this empowers HR teams to deliver support and answer questions quickly, HR team members can easily get bogged down by the sheer volume of requests they have coming in, especially at companies in the hundreds or thousands of employees. 

Another issue is the fact that requests are coming through several different channels (Slack, email, colleagues walking up to their desk) which can be hard to keep up with. HR team members need to be constantly checking several different channels, each of which have some combination of unread, unfinished, and completed requests.

One of the biggest pet peeves for HR teams is the repetitive nature of the requests they have to field. HR team members find themselves having to send the same knowledge base links, the same Google Docs, and provide the same answers to questions about PTO, HR policy, etc. No one likes mundane work, especially when there’s much more meaningful, engaging projects to be done. 

All this leads to HR teams not being as productive as they could be. When you’re constantly getting pinged with one-off, repetitive requests, focusing on meatier strategic projects is difficult.

atSpoke answers up to 50% of repetitive HR questions

Here at atSpoke, we’ve built a tool designed to simplify and reduce HR team’s workloads. Our product has three core features – Modern Ticketing, Self-Service AI, and HRIS Integrations – which are designed to save your team lots of time and maybe even some gray hairs. Let’s discuss: 

Modern Ticketing

In my personal life, I have trouble managing my own personal lines of communication given conversations over text, email, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, etc. Luckily, the only real repercussions are some sarcastic comments from friends and being labeled as an “unresponsive texter.” I can’t imagine what it’s like for HR team members, having to hunt down requests over email, Slack, meetings, Post-its (are those still a thing?) and who knows where else. And the repercussions for things falling through the cracks have material impacts on your business (and your job).

atSpoke’s Modern Ticketing system is designed to alleviate this stress by pulling all your requests into a single queue, no matter where they came from. With atSpoke, a user makes a request through their preferred channel—Slack, email, web, or SMS—and the request is automatically turned into a ticket, tagged, and assigned to the correct team and team member. 

Each HR team member only has one screen they need to navigate to see all their pending tasks. So, there’s no more hunting down messages or forgetting to get back to people.

Self-Service AI 

If you’ve gotten a question so many times that you’ve memorized the answer, it’s time to let AI take over for you. atSpoke’s Self-Service AI takes up to 50% of requests off your plate by resolving them before they ever hit your inbox. You’ll stop answering questions like “what’s the holiday schedule?” and focus back on those bigger tasks that you’ve been talking about the past few quarters.

When a user asks atSpoke a question, the AI takes a first crack at answering it. About 50% of the time, the AI will answer the question correctly by sending over a knowledge base link, Google Doc, external link, or a simple text answer. The other 50% of the time, a ticket will automatically be created, tagged, and assigned to the appropriate team just like we talked about above. 

HRIS Integrations

We haven’t forgotten what the H in “HR” stands for, and we know that HR support falls short when the human touch is overlooked. That’s why we have integrations with BambooHR, Namely, Workday, and other HRIS tools to ensure that you always have full context of who a request is coming from when it is assigned to you.

You’ll see the requester’s name, team, office location, and other core information which allows you to provide the most personalized support possible. 

Screenshot showing employee details in a requester panel

atSpoke helps the People team at Scoot save hours every week

At Scoot, the SF-based on-demand electric scooter startup, the HR & Facilities team found itself dealing with constant employee requests. HR & Facilities manager Heidi Armstrong says that her most acute problem was having to answer the same simple questions, over and over. Employees would reach out to Heidi over email, on Slack, or just show up at her desk unannounced. “For the most part, I would try to solve whatever the issue was on the spot, which was really disruptive to my day,” Heidi says.

Person standing next to a Scoot

After switching to atSpoke’s simple and intuitive ticketing system, the team recovered hours of lost time each week and gained deeper insights into the needs of Scoot employees. In addition to answering one-off requests, atSpoke has had a dramatic impact on all aspects of the employee experience. Booking travel, ordering groceries, and onboarding new employees have all become easier and more efficient with atSpoke.

“New hires always have the same set of five or ten questions that they ask, so all of a sudden that’s 25-45 minutes of real-time I get back.” In all, Heidi estimates she saves nearly a day a week with the help of atSpoke.

The best part about switching to atSpoke, we asked Heidi? 

“The most alluring thing to us was we would never have to answer the same question again”

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